Erotica Bucket List

Hello fans! I had the pleasure of working with Ms Olivia and Ms Cassidy on an episode of The Weekly Hot Spot, regarding erotic movies , books and porn! Preparing for the podcast I reached out to those in my orbit for their suggestions! I was not let down and one fantastic pet went above and beyond to share their erotica MUST Haves!

I was so impressed and delighted by the effort behind their submission,I just HAD to honor it here for all to see!

One day, when my life isn’t so hectic, I plan on knocking these off of my erotica bucket list! I can hardly wait, either! Some of the descriptions left me all tingly and feeling naughty!

If you know of a movie or book that tickled your fancy and helped that dick dance, I’d love to hear from you! Email me, skype me, twitter DM me!
But be gentle, pet. gentle. You do want me to purr, don’t you?

Maxie’s Erotic Exhortations

The Story of O, Pauline Reage (pseud. for Dominique Aury).  It’s famous for a reason.  It’s depiction of a young woman’s willing immersion in an increasingly extreme /m dynamic is psychologically powerful and impossible not to masturbate to.  It’s so powerful because it is such brilliant writing – simple, spare prose, minimal exposition, and a brilliant psychological exploration.  And the world it creates has inspired so many contemporary BDSM books, movies, erotica, porn, not to mention the burgeoning kink scene.

Peach, Indulgences of Isabelle, Pretty Penny – Penny Birch.  Actually, anything by Penny Birch, really.  She has several series and recurring characters, and you can’t go wrong. They feature great writing, and a joyous embrace of sexuality, spanking, wine, erotic humiliation, more wine, more spanking, all with great stories and great characters.  Did I mention the spanking?

House of Holes – Nicholson Baker.  This is a wild ride – surreal and realistic at the same time, endlessly imaginative, and hot.  I remember reading it out loud to my GF at the time and couldn’t finish a story/chapter before she jumped me.  Would recommend.

Online stories by M1keHunt.  That’s M1ke with a 1.  Clearly a pen name for an accomplished writer, the scenes are brilliant, fucking hilarious, and full of fucking and wordplay.  He’s great at setting a scene up. Lots of online erotica gets tedious once the characters start fucking (and lots of it is pretty bad at the set-up too).  His stories are never boring, and your keyboard is in danger of getting soaked as you read.

Candy – Terry Southern.  A comic romp with a charmingly naïve and impossibly accommodating young lady at its core.  She’s taken advantage of but never in a way that is demeaning, and it’s great fun.  Southern wrote Dr. Strangelove and lots of other movie scripts, and clearly had fun with this.

The Beauty Series – A. N. Roquelare (pseud. for Anne Rice).  Pretty famous and daring as a mainstream publication.  Anne Rice specifically wrote this as erotica from a female perspective, most of it is D/S and S/M, set in a fairy tale world where princesses (and princes) must serve a period of time in sexual servitude.  They get stripped, fucked, whipped, fucked, shared, fucked, denied and denied, fucked, made into furniture, and fucked.  And they fuck. And they have desires and feelings about all of it.  It was so hot when I first read it but like all of Anne Rice’s work, the imagination is stronger than the writing, and rereading it recently It didn’t carry the same punch it did when I first opened it. But what a punch that was.

Macho Sluts, Melting Point – Pat Califia.  If Anne Rice was trying to write feminist/female-centered erotica, Pat Califia is unabashedly lesbian, un-ashamedly explicit, and unbelievably sexy.   Her stories of lesbian s/m sex are thrilling. And they explore emotions as well as orifices. There’s a double-fisting scene in particular that I return to again and again.

100 Days of Sodom, Justine – Marquis de Sade.  Sade is an acquired taste for some, but once acquired you recognize his brilliance and his deep perversion.  He was notorious for a reason, and explored extremities of sex that you can’t believe were written in 1785.  He can be long-winded, and there’s a philosophical bent to it. But you can ignore all that and rub yourself raw.  (Also: the play about him, Quills, was made into a great movie with Geoffrey Rush.)

Story of the Eye, Blue of Noon – Georges Bataille.  Bataille is a French thinker and theorist who makes de Sade look like a harlequin romance.  His lifelong interest is in the limits of extreme experience, and his erotica doesn’t hold back.  Story of the Eye is especially brilliant, and especially good stroking material.  (See also The Tears of Eros, his photo-essay on eros and death in art.  It’s amazing. Not sexy though.)

Venus in Furs – Leopold von Sacher-Masoch.  I guess if I’m listing de Sade and Bataille I have to include Venus in Furs, which in many ways is the foundation for modern notions of male submission and sadomasochistic desires.  It’s interesting, but personally it didn’t do much for me sexually.  I recognize myself in it, and I think he’s spot on. But I didn’t find it arousing – others do, though, so give it a shot.

Delta of Venus – Anais Nin.  Supposedly, Nin wrote this when a wealthy patron asked Henry Miller to write erotica and Miller (Nin’s lover at times so he couldn’t be all bad) thought it was beneath him.  Nin didn’t, and the result is a marvelous collection of vignettes and experiences, many focusing on women, and many with great stories.  The patron, supposedly, didn’t like it, saying he wanted “less poetry and more fucking.”  But he was a pig, and Nin wrote great erotica.

The Pearl – Anon.  This Victorian compendium of erotic stories has fueled masturbation for over a century, often when very little other material was available.  It was particularly a favorite of female readers, and it’s a bit dated. But a fun diversion from internet porn.

Ages of Lulu – Almudena Grandes.  More lit than porn, but still erotic, it’s a great novel about female sexuality, with some really hot scenes.

Best American Erotica series.  Susie Bright started this annual in the 90s (I think), and I think it’s still going. Each year, it gathered a bunch of really good erotic stories.  Not all will be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s plenty for everyone.  My copy of the 10th anniversary edition is especially well-thumbed. There are several spin-off series too.