Do you know that Mistress loves to ruin your orgasm? Hello , my naughty pets, fans and lookie loo’s! Today I am featuring some of my blogs and various musings about the subject of ruined orgasms. . Perhaps somewhere in this post one might find out WHY Mistress loves to ruin your orgasm. I’d love to discuss your thoughts, leave a comment below or you are always welcome to whisper them into my ear.

New Level Ruined Orgasm

When I search ruined orgasm on my blog I think this is my first post about Ruined Orgasm ! But feel free to search , take a look around and prove me wrong!  In this post I talk about why someone might be interested  with playing with ruined orgasms. I also include some ways ramp up the naughty play with adding edging and chastity! Here’s a little snippet, click on Ruined Orgasm (above) to read the post!

Now, combine repeated edging and ruined orgasm , dribble in a few days of chastity for the chronic stroker. When you combine it with a ruined orgasm you are going to have a wonderfully entertaining, horny pet still wanting to go again! Keeping you horny is my goal, so I think incorporating a ruined orgasm should play a more prominent role in your cock control training going forward! Don’t you?

Ruined Orgasm -Where’s the Power

I will ruin your orgasm

With my post about the power of ruined orgasms, I recognize the effort it takes to ruin an orgasm. Perhaps that’s why your ruined orgasms, please me so much. The effort. Mmm…What’s not to tingle about here, my naughties.

Any man who has accomplished a SELF ruined orgasm will attest to the struggle it was to move that hand off of his penis, to stop that stimulation.

That’s power.

Any man who has had the pleasure of playing with me , and with ruined orgasms knows how powerful the scene is. You transferring that power to me during the scene. Submitting your mind to my voice, my instructions ,training you to focus. Focus on me. Focus on my voice. Becoming one in a time and space that only exists for us, at that time ,in that space. That’s power.

When you ultimately ruin that orgasm, then savor those thoughts, memories and you remain focused and interested ,and wanting to please me far beyond the session.

That’s power.

Ruined Orgasm Gift

I’ve often reminded you that I consider your submission your gift to me. That includes all of the naughty things you do, and who you become, for me. So with Ruined Orgasm- Why Mistress why I give you another teasing tidbit about my thoughts and feelings about ruined orgasms.

In many ways ruined orgasms are a gift. A show of your obedience, My control. Expression of your submissiveness. Like many things we do together. It only proves to explore and create a unique connection , an intimate connection. I want you to come to me. Submit your mind and your body to me. Kneeling, you greet me: Mistress may I ruin an orgasm for your pleasure today?

Mistress Loves To Ruin Your Orgasm

I think by now you are getting a great peek into why Mistress Loves to Ruin Your Orgasm, and with this post Cock Control And Ruined Orgasm I give
you several reasons and several ways you can ruin that orgasm for me.

After review of that throw back post, I realized I’ve made a horrible oversite! Chastity ruined orgasm! One of the Erika Addicts mentioned it  in the comments.
Ruining your orgasm in that cage is a particularly delightful way to tease, control and give you a seat at the Erika Addict’s club. Summed up: it’s f*king hot! 🔥

The post also includes one of my favorite things to do during my fundays around the Empire.polling you! I think it is  a great way to get your unfiltered views as I have no idea how you voted! Preparing for this post I asked Twitter and the sexy people over at Enchantrix Empire about their experience with Ruined Orgasms. Surprisingly enough the results are very similar. Let’s take a look.

Ruined Orgasm

Sexy AF ruin that O for me!

Ruined Orgasm Polls

42% of Twitter respondents have had a ruined orgasm on purpose! Compared to 53% of EE folk.

What I love is that 25.5% of twitter and 15% of EE participants BEG for ruined orgams!

But, isn’t it sad that, a small percentage on e

ach poll don’t know how to ruin!?
I bet they know “how” it’s just really difficult (I was going to say hard, but that was a too easy pun!) to do!
One reason why you benefit from ruined orgasm training!

Have you ever had a ruined orgasm? Where do you measure up against the respondents?

Twitter Ruined Orgasm

Ruined Orgasm Twitter


So You Tell Me- Why Does Mistress Love To Ruin Your Orgasm

Just like in session, I tease you with little tidbits. Now it’s up to you to read the posts I mention, and put those tidbits together and answer the question: Why do you think Mistress Loves To Ruin Your Orgasm?

Until We Chat 💋

Your Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika