Cum Eating stories are fun and sometimes tongue in cheek. Let’s  look at the kink of cum eating. Before we do, I have to mention- I get a huge huge HUGE kick out of how some guys react to he subject. I mean talk about dramatic, why the ALL of the fake housewives of “blah blah blah” all rolled into ONE HUGE drama queen isn’t as dramatic as a “straight male” talking about the subject of eating his own ejaculate. Big strong macho man, scared of some bodily emissions. Tsk tsk…. making something outta nothing, really. You can read more of my thoughts on cum eating on previous blogs.

Cum Eating by the Numbers

When I think of cum eating my first thoughts go to the numbers guys. There are a few who’ve kept track of the loads they’ve eaten. I often make it a game with my cum sluts. First, by having them consume as many loads as they typically “would” alone and go from there. Pushing them past their current limits. Of course, I have them always keep track of their own progress, it’s their JOB to keep notes, isn’t it fellas?

One self motivated chap, I’ve written about before, is to cum slut Michael. He gets around “these parts” confessing his naughty nature to the ladies. Last I heard from him,  he was going to be ringing in the new year with a fresh load at the stroke of midnight, signaling over 800 loads in 2018 and his first in 2019. I’m sure if he’s out there he’ll pop up to correct my numbers. He deserves credit for each load.

cum eating stories

Yum! You Wanna Eat Cum!

Cum Eating Humiliation

Can you imagine the humiliation a man would have, pretending to be your average heterosexual “Joe” only to be on your knees at the adult cum store (aka book store) and having the manager tie you up (at your request) so any random guy can fuck your pie hole and use you as a cum dump for hours a day? This guy can imagine it as he is a frequent visitor to the dirty store for such activities. He’s also one I’ve pushed limits. So much so he hasn’t been able to make his goals for the last 3 weeks.

Well, Mistress is undaunted and told cum bitch he can reduce his required loads a week by doing other humiliating tasks. The one which garners the most “point reduction” is a delicious little game of squash those nuts! He made a home-made version of this ball crusher. But instead of a hinge there are four wingnuts to turn. So whore sack is to attach until firm(won’t slide off when standing/moving) and turn each wing nut one full turn every five minutes for 30 min (6 full turns) to have his cum count reduced by 6.

Cum Eating Wanna-Be

I have a lot of fun with the nervous never before cum eaters! Those who are cum curious sometimes go on to eating their cum, and on a regular bases. Still others, who call wanting to do it “this time”, I tease and use various techniques to get that cum in that mouth! It’s not uncommon for some of these nervous Nelly’s to hang up when they orgasm so they have an “OUT”. It’s the tension, the naughtiness of a strong beautiful woman telling then what she wants them to do, how etc that is probably more arousing than the eating cum itself. Plus there is the instant off switch to your inner slut that thought it was a bright idea at first, but now: yea not so much. I can get upset over these kinds of calls or I can just have fun with it. One guess what I choose to do.

Cop Cum

No story about cum eating stories would be complete without my pet the GBFF who lusts after all gay cock. But Big Cop Cock and the juicy delicious desert it can provide is paramount in his gay mind. Probably because Cop Cock was the turning point for this gay boi in Cali! I know his humiliating secrets, I’ve seen what Big Cop Cock has helped this gay boi do, become. Finally admit he’s not a male for females. Nope, he’s been pussy free for quite some time and has shared some of his naughty cock sucking escapades in digital form with me! Woo hoo! I recently asked him if it’s cock or the cum you desire most. He couldn’t decide!

Cock Whore Caution

Just recently I had a delightful call with cock whore. No, I didn’t write that wrong, his name IS COCK WHORE! During our session, as he retold his cock loving fantasies and his actual cock whore deeds, brought up a very good caution that I would be remiss if I didn’t share.  There are dangers of playing with stranger cum and although he’d love to engage in a full out cum as you are party slave, with him, at the center of a group of guys, stroking fucking and shooting creamy loads of cum, there are risks! One reason why exploring you fantasy, or augmenting your self serve cum you call me to play! Be safe out there!

Your Cum Eating Story

So what’s your cum eating story? You have one, don’t you? it may be you are curious but fearful. Horny for the experience but holding back?  What’s stopping you from exploring? Honestly, only a select few become addicted to it, like the examples above. More than likely though it can become part of your submissive repertoire.Find out if cum eating helps you feel submissive!

Until We chat ????

Mistress Erika