Miss Me

Hello fans, friends and assorted horny pets! I have an exciting announcement!

This sexy assed bitch is taking some time off! WOT?

I hear you! What are you, and My horny cock to do? ????
FIVE DAYS away!?!? ????
No Mistress Erika?! ????
No wise-ass, honey pot teasing and denying those orgasms?????

Before you call the emergency number, or hyperventilate, hear me out!
I’ve created some fun for YOU to have WITH ME, while I’m gone!

So I’m gone next week Monday-Friday! I hope to be back Saturday, but you never know. I may need a vacation, from my vacation!

This means if you need to connect with me, do so ASAP! I’m her Friday, Saturday and some on Sunday. I’ll take your appointment too! Email me at Erika@EnchantrixEmpire.com

Stroker Pet Dedication to My Pleasure

Five days is not a great deal of time. Right? Well I guess if you are a mayfly it’s an insurmountable amount of time! ha ha! But you sir, are no mayfly! Well some of  you have mayfly peni but that’s fodder for another blog at another time. ????????????

But for the average male, five days is no big deal. So, who is going to forgo masturbating for those days as a show of your dedication to My pleasure?

 That’s right your denial is My pleasure! I adore all those cute noises you make when I’m controlling that cock. Don’t have that kinda fun with out me! I’ll be so turned on and have that much more fun knowing how horny and desperate you are back “home” yearning for my naughty whispers. Craving  my control! Who’s in? Comment below, email me or call with your answer!

Earn Strokes

For those who know me , know I love to reward your behavior! Well, when it’s behavior I want! What do I want? Your submission. What is your reward? Well for hot and horny stroker pets like ya’ll that means your reward is stroking that fuck stick for me! So, while I’m gone you can earn strokes to have during our next session! 
So no masturbation , No Touching!

Sit instead of stand, and you have one min twice a day for hygiene!

What? You’ve never called me before?
No time like the present! Let’s go Hotty McHottersen!
Dive right in and play along. It’s wet and slippery ova’ here! 

Keep track of your stroke count. Then on our next call tell me how many you earned!

I’ll then dole them out how and when I desire, on our next call! 

  • Earn 20 strokes for each day you DO NOT TOUCH MY COCK! 
  • Earn  10 strokes for each erotic trivia question answered correctly.
    I’ll be posting a blog with the trivia questions Monday and Thursday. 
  • Earn  10 strokes for each comment (One per blog) you make while I’m gone. Includes current and past blogs (newbies may need their comments approved but they still count!) 
  • Earn 10 strokes for following me on twitter / tumblr and 2 strokes for each of my posts you share of mine the week I am gone! 

You have to keep track of your points. Bonus points earned for good pets who keep great records! 

So you ready to play?

Bonus trivia question worth 5 strokes:
Erotic Trivia 1- What are bobcats to me? 

Go up to the magnifying glass (search) at the top of the page, type in bobcat to find out the answer. 

Miss Me! ????
Mistress Erika

Missing me? Listen to me read this post,!

*for those in chastity or otherwise not allowed to touch your golden nugget: see me for custom stroking instructions.