Hello fans of Feminization! Sissy play and where it will lead you is the hot topic for today. It is similar to other posts I’ve done about how your sexuality evolves over time, especially when you find that right space and motivations, and how sometimes takes large leaps and bounds when you find that right place and space where you truly can be you. Although I talk exclusively today about Feminization the basic concept can be applied to various sexual activities, kinky or not so read on!

Beginning Sissy Play

You come to me, with years of solo play. The making of a sissy is often a long process. Your first desires were long ago and have grown to the point where you crave more. Crave to feel more feminine in your everyday life, is what you present to me. Along with your ultimate feminine fantasies. This is the time where we discuss your desires, which ones you desire to come to fruition which perhaps may stay fantasy only.  With the one caution from me that things may become very fluid and not to fear the changes in your mindset. Where once you had a hard boundary may change to a soft boundary.   You claim you don’t want to engage in sissy anal training,  even though, as I point out, it IS  your “Sissy pussy”. No harm no foul, I think to myself with a bit of a smile.

Sissy Play

Where will our sissy play take us?

Blossoming Sissy

We session now and again , as it’s not a formal training regime. We could do a formal sissy training regime but for your lifestyle we’ve decided on session with assignments in between as you are able suits us better.

In addition to getting your mind right, thinking feminine thoughts, and feminine movements. We also work on  your gurly  masturbation. Two fingers on your clit, rub , massage or vibe. No cumming like a guy! It does take time to retrain your brain and body but coupled with your deep desire to  please and be the best gurl you can be you endure a long period of no cummies. Oh you are allowed them, I haven’t denied you. But only when masturbating like a female! So far, no dice and your sissy horny level is through the roof!

Your wardrobe expands and you begin to broaden your secret sissy play. Wearing bralette’s under your boy things. Pretty panties too! It seems so natural for you now, and can’t imagine having to wear one of your two back up male underpants. Mixed in with your gurly masturbation you are flying high most days on your submissive sissy cloud. It’s glorious yet frustrating

Mistress I feel an ache

One day you come to me, loving your new sissy self. Fully committed to learning what you need, to be the best sissy ever for Mistress! Your dedication and enthusiasm you apply to  tasks and assignments have been amazing!

Eventually you admit there has been a nagging thought, it seems odd, and actually it terrifies you. But the more you masturbate and feel like a gurl you are embarrassed to say  that you feel an ache. A need. Hard to explain.

I catch on pretty quick and know exactly what you mean. All this sexy sissy play has changed your mindset, your way of being.I encourage you to go on to fully flesh out your desire, thoughts. You see I know what you are about to say, but sometimes I like to keep you swinging in the breeze. I won’t fill in those blanks for you, make it easier to assimilate your new desire, at least not yet.

Messages From Sissy World

As you stumble to find the words, you mention your on-line activities. Your sissy porn you’ve been assigned. Those sissy pussy’s look so pleased when they are fucked Mistress. To date I haven’t had an orgasm since our first session, it’s been 8 weeks Mistress and this sissy is desperate!  With a knowing smile, and a wink, I say “Darling sissy, so you want to have a sissygasm deep inside? Your face flushes, you nod. I beam.

Now, I have you right where I want you. I see it over and over again. Your kink, fetish or desires can only go so far by yourself. Learning to trust , commit and submit can take you to places you never thought you would go. With my positive essence , and opening that door for you the unexpected desires which lay just beyond that threshold is yours. What will your unexpected desires be? Where will we go? One way to find out.

Until We Chat ????

Mistress Erika