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I Am Devoted To Mistress Erika

I am devoted to Mistress Erika! Some subs come, hat n hand throw themselves at my feet and exclaim their devotion with nary a word or deed from me.  That makes it easy, and never fails to make me smile and yes, sometimes laugh.  Then there are times where it is a spontaneous eruption during an extreme edging session for example. My my my what your brain must be going through, for those words to spill without provocation. *more smiles* Other times it’s in a lesson or task, or playtime where I have you use it in an affirmation.  Often having the sub repeat it during a RP amps up the play when used at the perfect time.  Sometimes it becomes who and what you are, now doesn’t it? Warning:  Being Devoted To Mistress Erika can consume you.


First Dance

Cuckold porn is my addition it turns me on. So watching a nice hot cock pleasure your wife, humiliating in and of itself, is how you want to play. Sharing a fantasy with you as the main character, you have a strong desire to submit, to serve. I see you on your knees, in your satin panties and I smile. Walking over in my heels, thigh highs and tight skirt I ruffle your careless hair.  I’ve been thinking of a special treat for you my pet. How would you like to earn a taste of your Mistresses tonight?  I see the growing cock in your panties and smile because just by being near and softly speaking with him  begins his erotic journey.

Pushing Limits

With little input our story weaves around a virgin fluffer his only hopes was to be able to listen, or watch and now , suddenly he is front and center expecting to take part. If it is what Mistress wants, he would say.  He allows his is submission to override his  hetro framed existence, and suck  cock  for Mistress.   This wasn’t exactly what he had in mind when he brought up the subject, but he was so turned on, so hot it frightened him a bit. He said he was looking for raw and that’s what he got.

Sexy Sessions

Devoted To Mistress


Every session we explore other themes. It is whatever I want it to be. Ass training my new Cuckie, to masturbation edging and performing for Mistresses Friends with the girls and a  CNFM / humiliation bent. Sessions are oh-so-erotic and I send him on his way to perform a task, or practice a lesson.  As we got to know each other, I noticed something interesting. Always. He’s Always hot for me, always ready, always thinking of me, “Always for you”, Always loyal, Always for Erika.

What’s in a name

So when it came time to name my pet, I think it is only befitting to have the name descriptive of the person. Something special, something which is different, between us and representative of how I see you.  I am going to be looking forward to having many more fun and exciting sessions with my newly named pet:  Always Erika (supreme devotee).

He asked early on if I was going to write about him in my blog. Viola! I’m writing about you in my blog! Ha! Teasing he knows all about it. As a matter of fact this blog is two posts early. I sent him on his way with an assignment to write five reasons to worship me, that I would include in this blog. He is shining bright like a diamond and had it “on my desk” three days early. Impressive indeed. Enjoy his list, I know I did.

Devoted To Mistress Erika

1.  BEAUTY – She is so beautiful you will notice her instantly.  You will try to look away but you can’t.  You will be drawn to her like a moth to a flame.  You are powerless to resist Erika.

2. EYES – Once you stare into her eyes it is over. You will be stunned and lose control.  You will be enchanted and under her control.

3.APPAREL- Erika dresses sultry not slutty. She knows how to flaunt it without giving everything away. She will control you with the fact of you wanting more.

4.VOICE – Erika’s voice will sooth you letting you know everything is alright. She will convince you to do things that you didn’t realize you wanted to do and love every minute of it.

5.BRAIN – Erika knows what to do and say and the right time. She will talk you through anything and do things necessary for you to understand. She will have you love worshiping her!


ALWAYS ERIKA (supreme devotee)

8 comments to I Am Devoted To Mistress Erika

  • ALWAYS ERIKA (supreme devotee)

    WOW! Thank you so much for the blog. You are AMAZING and I love every minute of our sessions. Thank you so much for the sessions they are so enjoyable with you. You are Incredible ERIKA!

  • I’m JEALOUS Ms. Erika! Your supreme devotee really knows how to make a Mistress fell special! Of course, after our two-Mistress call the other day, this does not come as a surprise! You are wicked and sexy, and oh so devious. I’m sure you have hoards of slaves at your feet. 🙂

    • Erika

      Ms. Piper,

      It is I who am in awe of your cunning, your skill and sizzling style. I sure hope when our little pet recovers from our call he is able to dial the phone again! LOL. Don’t lie to Mistress. Wise words, right Ms Piper? He’ll never look at a carrot …. (roaring with laughter).

  • Petey cream puff

    Once I do your program I will be devoted to you. Now that Ms Olivia & Ms Delia have totally changed me into a girl they both want me to do your program. Can both of you go farther in my feminization? They already have made me a girl in second life. I’m not into guys not do I want that in my training. What ideas do you & Ms Constance have for me?

    • Erika


      Ms Olivia and Ms Delia did a fantastic job with you! I saw the pics and such. Of course Ms Constance and I can further your feminization! What ideas we might have? Well, I would suspect we would have to have a lesson plan meeting about you after your first call to discuss what you need to work on.

  • SissyBelinda

    Ms Erika owns and controls me, I not allowed to cream my panties unless i have earnt it and even then i have to only rub my peanut through my panties, with Ms Erika and the other Superiors all laughing at me

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