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Sexy Tag Team Training

Sexy Tag Team Training

Sexy Tag Team Training

I am so excited! This is my first Sexy Tag Team Training with another Mistress here at LDW!   Ms. Constance and I have come up with a sexy hot training program for Masturbation May.  So, sizzling hot you don’t want to miss this valuable opportunity! Fire up your emails and that oh-so-naughty mind and sign up for an  intense four week training Program! All it requires is your naughty mind, one twenty minute to one of us to get you started.

Four Weeks

For the Month of May, and you can start your training at any point,  all  you have to do is email us and with the subject line “Tag Team Training” tell us what is on your mind regarding what training you are interested in. You’ll then be registered and your four weeks START with your first twenty-minute call to either of us. After that twenty minute, first call we will update our lesson plan with your name, goals and pertinent information for the other Mistress to know about what happened on the call!

Each Week

Each week you will place one twenty-minute call to one Mistress, then the next week the other. So if you started your training on week 1 with Ms. Constance, you will call me the following week. With that one twenty-minute call you will receive:

Lesson planning by Mistress Constance and Mistress Erika each week.
One email from each Mistress, totaling two emails each week to follow up with you on progress and tasks.
One three minute or more personalized audio from one of us.

Sexy Tag Team Training

We are offering several  training options.
Cock Control, do you want to see how far your desire for tease and delay can go? We’ll work out a plan to get you into subspace daily, gooning and drooling and pushing you to your edging limits! Maybe even break your personal record!

Thinking of Chastity training? Afraid to take the plunge? Enroll as a Chaste Newbs and we’ll give you a taste of what is to cum. I  mean, what you will experience!

Cock Sucking. Do you want to learn how to blow his mind with the best suck of his life? Maybe you just want to play in fantasy to see if you are ready for the real thing? Let’s discuss what is holding you back, devise a plan to fulfill all of your naughty cock sucking needs.


Girls just wanna have fun, and so do men who want to be more feminine !  We get it, and we love love LOVE our fems! Makeup, outfits, walking, moving whatever your feminization needs are we are here to help. You’ll feel , act and BE more fem in four short weeks with our intensive training program than you have ever felt before!

What if you are unsure? You have this attraction to feminine items, but unsure where it takes you? Do you know if you are a cross dresser or a Sissy? Let’s find out? ow far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? Our four week course can help you explore these desires.


Don’t see your kink, need or desire? Don’t worry, I’m limited on space and could go on for days! Just email us , tell us what you are thinking about and you’ll have two sex ladies talking about you before the end of the day!

Send in your email now to reserve your spot in class.  Training begins with your first call  1-800-601-6975


Sexy Tag Team

Sexy Tag Team


11 comments to Sexy Tag Team Training

  • Emily

    Wow wish I was home all that time I would love to do this . Chastity training would be my choice along with cocksucking !!

    • Erika

      Emily, LOL silly girl. I don’t understand the statement? Where are you that you cannot pick up a phone? The idea of you in chastity and guided cock sucking is HOT, gurrrrrrrl.

  • Emily

    It’s not that , I am going out of town with my gf for most of the month .

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m interested in the feminization training with both of you. As you know I already came out to my mistress/masseuse about this and she’s had me over dressed up trying lipsticks/spraying me in perfumes/lotions as well picking out women’s tops/dress for me as I tried it on for her along with my dresses. She said I have perfect body/build for this and said I looked cute and adorable. We are planning dress shopping in which she will pick out dresses for me to try on and buy as I was told to wear dress/heels or women’s clothes/boots when we go. Also I was told I will be getting makeover on dress shopping trip.

  • Empress Rayne

    Nice regimen, Ms Erika! You and Ms Constance are undoubtedly going to whip some wayward strokers, sissies and wanna be cocksuckers into shape. So nice to offer a training program that can be customized to any and every kink!

  • Sissy fag sammi

    Mistress I can’t wait for the tag team of pain and humiliation with no mercy but I want to suck a real cock for you both. sissy fag sammi

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I wish i had more time to explore my fem side again Once i dressed up in Red lingere red platform heels tall i didn’t measure my heels and made dinner for my silver bullet vibrater poured wine for him sat across diner table from him .I dipped him in the wine glass and used him after that and he ****** the **** out of me . I had made him dinner cause i am totally disgusted with men which is why i have chosen pegging by fems or sissy or TS this sissy has lost it OMG!

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