Hello, my lovely Erika Addicts, fans, and (can you fill in the blank? I’ve used it to introduce blogs before)? Tis a sad yet joyous note I leave you! Your Mistress is off to trip the light fantastic! AKA I’m going on vacation. I know this is going to cause some of you a bit of consternation, you’ve told me so! Take a deep breath and know. we will get through this together. 🤣

I’ll Be Gone From Feb 3 To Feb 11th

Hopefully, I will be returning for sessions late on Monday the 12th! I say hopefully because sometimes I’m known to need a vacation from my vacation. I am usually a laid-back, and fun-loving kinda gal most of the time. But when I escape the day-to-day I tend to. Well, let’s just say……. explore! Of course, my day-to-day has a lot to do with exploration too, but typically exploration focuses on your naughty bits. This vacation it’s all about me exploring me!

While I’m away, please refrain from emailing me except for appointment requests. As you might imagine, I’m in for an F-TON of catch-up for being away for so long.  Please keep your other reports/ emails pent up in your drafts folder and you can shoot them over to me in the days after I return.

Since I anticipate being busy when I get back (looking at you in the eye and compelling you to make it so 🥰 ) I am going to encourage appointments for my first week back to ensure we can connect!
I will not be accepting appointments on Monday the 12th, as I’m hopeful I will be back for half a day,  but since I cannot guarantee I will be here I cannot make appointments. Therefore my first appointment day will be Tuesday, Feb 13, take note I’m taking a short day (easing back in).

Speaking of easing back in, I’ll be easing back out on the 2nd and leaving early.

I’ve updated my Schedule for your reference.

What To Do While I Am Away

For those of you who have been in touch and I control sexy parts of your life, you have your assignments. If you haven’t sessioned with me recently and want an assignment I would like to recommend some dancing and tapping of those fingers on ze ol’ tele-phono before I leave!

For those  who need more or happen by and love to be helpful and bring joy to me

1- Comment on my blogs! I have to approve them because of a bunch of near-do wells and general fuckery going on, but imagine my smile when I come back to see them waiting for me! Yay!
2- While you are at it, tweet, share, or reblog the link to a blog on your social media! Tag me if I’m on the platform and let me know you are thinking of me! Enchantrix Empire counts!
3- February is the season of freaking cold weather, I’ll tell ya! LOL, But it is also the month with the sweetheart day. If you were thinking of sending me a little “hello treat, thank you for all you do Mistress”, hop over to one of our stores and buy something of mine! I have things of all price ranges, and it’ll be a gift for us BOTH! If you haven’t gotten your copy of my 52 Tease task offer, Here’s your link: Tease Tasks while you are there you can look at my other offerings too! The other store is phone sex audios.
4- Speaking of sending a treat my way, don’t forget about my affiliate links to places I recommend (and I don’t recommend things easily) I almost always bring us a win-win situation, well. ‘Cpt when I suggest you that you can cum then say no! LOL
5- Here’s a game: The first line (above) asks you a trivia question, comment below with the answer!
6- As you can tell, I am already worked up and excited to leave! When that happens I can’t help but tease! How many double entendres or innuendos can you find above? Comment below!