The last we left Will he introduced the idea of exploring a cuckold lifestyle, and perusing a cuckold relationship in I want you to consider cuckolding . Never having experienced a cuckold lifestyle, they discussed what it might mean to their relationship. After a lot of thoughtful examination and taking steps to find a suitable cuckold bull, things were looking up.  Enter, a few weeks later.

The Cuckold Hot Wife 

Cuckold Lifestyle

Hot-wife Never Sexier

She told Will very little about the date. Not anything of substance, anyway.  She didn’t want him to have a chance to back out, if he knew. If he could see her eyes, or feel how quickly her heart beat just thinking of him. A Greek adonis was coming over for dinner, to meet Will. Ben, Benedictus, meaning blessed, was exactly that and then some. Their make out session in his car that first date, sealed the deal for her. What she experienced and felt was beyond thrilling, beyond erotic. He took her body and mind to places Will would never, could never do. Her head spun, they did little more than heavy petting but it’s all she needed.  This idea was becoming more and more appealing all the time. As she readied for her double date, she dressed in a tight fitting knit dress, with a deep plunge V in the front,filled in with lace, showing ample view of her luscious breasts. Thigh high boots. Hair silky shiny and soft. Dabbing on some pink gloss she could feel the heat building within her.

The Cuckold Husband

Will was great, the metro-sexual, does everything right kinda guy. Sensitive, sweet and everything a girl would want. Except one thing. Two, really. First, sex appeal. He was awkward and unsure. I didn’t mind leading , and  was comfortable doing so.  Second, an average cock. About five inches at its longest and proudest, it would suffice I thought. If it were the last cock I’d ever had, so be it. There’s more to life than a good fuck, right? Doesn’t all that other stuff count too? Of course, it did. I  argued with myself when considering this long-term relationship.  But this opportunity, this chance to bed a guy with that raw masculine sex appeal, well frankly, began to swim in my mind more and more.

Cuckold Bull

She was still in the bedroom getting ready when Ben arrived. Will answered the door and she could just about hear their greetings. Wills voice sounded a bit higher, he’s stressed and she’d better get down there.  Slowly walking into the room watching as the two men turn to watch her enter. A jolt of electricity ran the length of her spine, Ben. Six two, well-defined but not too much. Careless dirty blond hair framing his chiseled looks, and that smile. The devilish, carefree grin of a man who knows what he’s packing and knows how to use it. Why couldn’t there be one man with both qualities of these two, before me.Cuckold Lifestyle

Cuckold Lifestyle

We instantly connected regarding the  cuckold lifestyle we expected. Ben had a great career that took a lot of his time. Didn’t have time to chase girls, nor the patience for the whole dating game scene. So, we would arrange to meet at our place or his, a couple of times a week. I would only have sex with Ben if Will was around. In the room, or house, I wanted him close. He was to do what felt right for him, Ben didn’t care one way or another. Ben seemed calm and confident and flirted with me, shamelessly. Will, was a gracious cuckold husband and host, tending to our every need.  I sat back and enjoyed the attention of two men.

After dinner, I excused myself from Ben and met Will in the kitchen.  So, what do you think? I asked. Will was busy rinsing dishes his face was flushed and for a second. worried he might not approve. Not that it would stop me, at this point. It was only matter if Will was going to do this the easy, or hard way. My mind was set.

What I think?! What I think , Will hissed breathlessly. Momentarily confused, until he turned and put one arm around my shoulders, with one arm, taking my hand and guiding it to his throbbing member. I’ve been this hard since he walked through the door, I can’t stop thinking about the two of you together.   Laughing, relieved and pulled my hand away, if that’s the , give me five minutes. Come and see what I’ve been thinking of since he came in!  Really rolling my hips as I  sashay through the kitchen door, it swings back and forth behind me and he hears me say. Oh Ben, I want to show you something……

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