You have traveled this far in the Enchanted Enchantrix Forest, You survived the transformation and powerful grip of Enchantrix Harper. Well done!

Your aching flesh and transformed body fell into a deep coma-like sleep. Haunted sleep. Who are you, what are you,now? Caught between worlds, why you? Why them? Why are they doing this to you? Your dreams torment you even when you rest.

Your journey, pet, is far from done.
There are more lessons for you to learn.

Your Next Stop In The Enchanted Enchantrix Forest

You find yourself awakening leaning against a large tree that is covered in moss. Deep dark forest, damp with a thick mist shrouding you like a cape.  The millisecond your brain realizes consciousness Harper’s images flash across your mind’s eye. The Forest, how it transformed you all comes rushing back, your stomach drops heart races, and your hand can’t get to your crotch fast enough. A nervous sweat breaks out on your brow as your chest heaves a heavy sigh.

Wow, what a mindfuck, or was it? Was that soft pretty vulva of your transformation a dream? This F&*ng place! Your brain screams,  what is this place? As your lips part, to moan against your pain, your lips pop as you pull your parched lips apart, the desert has evidently taken up residence in your mouth, and you sit in your misery. Breathe, just keep breathing you repeat to yourself.

The earthy scent surrounds you and drenches your senses. The heady scent is so strong you can taste it. Your head spinning, you take a few deep breaths, trying to focus. It just feels better not to move. Your belly grumbles and you can’t remember when you last ate.  Your entire body is sore and DEAD tired.

In short order, the need for sustenance outgrew your desire to remain still. As you stretch and try to clear the cobwebs from your mind, you notice a bright light off into the distance, shining its beam through the dense canopy.

Reflecting On Your Journey

Have you stumbled your way through the labyrinth that the Enchantrixes in the Enchanted forest have prepared for you, and Is that beam of light your saving grace, the way out? Your heart leaped at the possibility. Suddenly a large drop of water falls right on your forehead, trickling down the side of your nose, lip, and onto your parched lips.  One drop led to two, then three, and soon a steady drip-drip of refreshment trickling down. Tilting your head back and accepting willingly and greedily. Blissfully swallowing mouthfuls of whatever this nectar is. Bit sweet and salty, along with the test of the musky forest. Probably a light rain, above the towering canopy, slowly making it’s way to the forest floor. It didn’t matter to you.

You gulp mouthfuls of refreshing liquid and as your belly begins to swell from your greedy consumption. Leaning your head back, deep breath enjoying the small pleasure of refreshment. When a tingling begins in your belly, like effervescent bubbles, racing, radiating out to all parts of your body. the bubbles increase, like a seltzer bottle that’s been shaken and is now racing through your body. Your body trembles as your head spins again, and your vision dims until you are shrouded in darkness. Your body feels so heavy, you feel so tired and feel like you are drifting off to sleep. You hear the wind begin to whip through the trees, coming closer and closer. With the tornadic winds, there is erie melodic music with it. As the wind picks up and whips around you. Deafening and terrifying, as leaves and dirt fly around, stinging as it slaps and stings your skin. Just when you feel the wind could lift you and spin you away, they begin to fade. A sultry commanding voice reverberates in your brain.

Dreaming Subspace What Is This Place

You were once lost, now you are found. Relax …………………….. the words so inviting, so sensual so teasing, your trepidation eases with each note, each word. Your body swims and sways to the melodic tones, the individual words floating in your mind’s eye, echoing in your head. Surrender, obey, submit, and obey,  your cock is not there for your pleasure, it was made to please women.  A lesson you will learn, easily or not.  Everything you see you feel. Submit, surrender, obey.

Music by (Both ears on, turn up the volume!)

A Ray Of Hope

How long did this go on? Your mind is useless to discern such information. Time had no meaning, meaning had no time. suspended floating, mind swimming. Rendered useless for any concerted thought. Your cock responded to her snake charming as it wiggled in response to her siren song. The voice of the siren quiets. You feel your body becoming lighter, the heaviness lifts and fades as your vision, also returns. Blinking a few times against the light, LIGHT? LIGHT? It’s been so dim and dark in the forest, and as your eyes adjust blink hard against the light.

You attempt to scramble to your knees, to move towards the light but although your body feels light you are frozen into place. The woodsy musk of the forest, ever-present,  dances in your senses.

You’ve had a challenging time in the forest, the light of hope is dancing on your face. You look towards it with the hope of millions that the brilliant light will show you the way, out.

As you hope, the beams of light begin to swirl and dance, a bright light tornado. the swirls of light spin seemingly out of control, and with it your cock. Like an invisible energy, your cock springs to life, as it feels light swirling swimming around your already growing cock.

Your Light Of Hope Is Dashed

The swirling light swerves and whips downward, and you recoil as sweeps inches closer as if it were hot as fire, your body tenses as the light swirls around you, enveloping you in its mystical embrace. Your eyes pleading for release gaze up to where the light is, but it is gone, leaving you in the permanent twilight of the forest.

As the light swims and swirls around your body it branches off to two swirls of energy, coming to rest just in front of you as they twist and undulate as the light fades in its wake are two, what you can only describe as Goddesses. The halo of their hair, golden and spiraling over their shoulders and down their backs, past their hips, like a golden veil barely covering their hourglass shapes. Round globes of feminine flesh, sweet apple bottom asses, long slender legs, your eyes feel as if they are bulging out of their sockets, as much as your cock is throbbing in plain sight!

Feel What You See

One of the Goddesses whispers feel what you see, seek what you feel. and blows kiss your way, with the trails of mist showing the way as her breath washes over you in a cool mist. Your body shudders with arousal and her cool icy breath. The Goddesses begin to make out with each other. You are powerless to move, yet you feel movement. Their lips embrace, and your lips feel warm wet, and tingling.  As you watch, their soft fingers glide over each other’s curves, your mind spins as you can swear you CAN feel their touch! Sometimes whisper soft, other times firm and thrilling, as their tongues dance,you can feel and taste them

Long slender fingers sliding along their mons,  you feel the same sensual touch, torment. Seeing warm wet mouths on breasts, tease and delight your own. The Goddess spins and giggles, and suddenly one has a cock proudly bouncing between her legs. You witness, or should we say you are tormented by the touch and feel of her mouth on your cock. So intense yet so subtle driving you deeper and deeper into your submission. Obey echos, in your noggin.

Your cock edges, over and over. Balls ache as the precum leaks, try as you might to orgasm there is no getting over the top of that orgasmic hill.  Even when you witness and in many ways feel the orgasms of your Goddess tormentors, your back arches and pelvic muscles strain to no avail. You’re rendered breathless and delightfully buzzing as if there were an orgasm, but no satisfaction accompanies the sensations.

It seems to excite the Goddesses more as they witness your body contort and undulate, several times you feel yourself on the verge of exploding and as you arrive at the top of that orgasmic hill, your arousal drops back, as if it never happened. Leaving you weaker, leakier, and more desperate than before. You watch as the Goddess penetrates her partner, you cry out in response to the tremendous pressure and pleasure you feel deep inside. And Leak Even More.

Gooner Goner

Has it been hours, or days that you’ve been teased, or tormented?  You certainly don’t know. Your poor brain is pudding and you are rendered a gooner goner. Drenched in sweat, occasionally shivering in the cool darkness of the forest floor between your sessions of torment.  You whimper and moan please please may I cum?

They would occasionally cuddle between orgasms, and snuggle just at your feet. Take advantage of the break, allowing your poor heart to slow, the sound of your panting breaths echoing in your ears. One look at you and someone might think you are extremely inebriated. They would be correct,  you are high on your own hormones. But every so often you’d meekly peep: Please, cum?

The Goddesses, smile or is it a smirk? The lesson you have not learned, you beg for your own pleasure. We never once heard you cry “How may I please you”. Their incantations roared back into your gooner brain, I was made to please women. your head lolled backward, in exhausted defeat.

They begin to dissolve into light, spinning and swirling before you, and then around you, you are lifted up by their light force. They pull you up into the canopy of the giant tree, and you find yourself lying prone in a tangle of vines, facing down to the forest floor. You hear whimpering and moaning and as much as you can see just to your left and right, realize you are not the only one left hanging as your and their cocks.. drip drip drip through the foliage and onto…………………..

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