Gooner Girl Exposed is a very delectable topic! We are all familiar with the male Gooner, but did you know females can and do goon too? I know one, and she’s turning into such a gooning slut! Recently I chatted with gooner girl, and talked about her journey! I thought you might find it very interesting! So let’s start with “what is gooning” and then get into the interview with Gooner girl and share her naughty journey with you all!

What Is Gooning

For those not familiar I found a great reference and definition of what gooning is on Succinctly said:
At its most basic, gooning is repeated masturbation to almost orgasm, then stopping, and starting again, until you or another person is in a trance-like state of ecstasy. So with this definition, all sexes can engage in gooning! Do you think you’ve ever masturbated so long, reached the pinnacle of pleasure over and over again so you feel kinda drunk? High? Congrats you have gooned! Now that we have that out there, lets take a look at Gooner Girl!

Gooner Girl

Came to me via texting. She was seeking like-minded women to befriend and encourage her to be naughty. You see, she’s in a marriage that doesn’t satisfy her sexually. Sounds like a situation ripe for cuckolding and cuckolding she has done! She loves cock, and has a hunger for as many cocks as possible! When I was interviewing her for this blog, she admitted it’s not the size it is the quantity! So much so that she’s had 24 cocks this year alone and is looking to enjoy 5 more before the end of the year!

Remember that’s not just the same cock 5 times, 5 DIFFERENT COCKS! Over time she has revealed more and more of her true self to me! K from Miami, and what better place to find cock than South Beach, amiright? She is blond and leggy with a 32-inch bra, but she aspires for a full C!  I can’t use clients’ images on blogs, but together we sorted through images I can share and the image on my blog is as close to her, without being her!

More On Gooner Girl

She used to work as an escort and according to her “that’s how I met my husband…he was a bareback client”.  But committing to him was probably not the best choice, seeing how things turned out! She’s hot-horny and is obsessed with gooning her clit. She tells me she hasn’t had a proper orgasm in 17 months, and I plan to keep her that way. Even though in session she’s always begging to cum! But you gooner guys can relate to that, can’t you? You are high on your own arousal, feeling so good you never want it to stop! She has made her husband into an unintentional cuckold and she claims he has eaten the cream pie of another guy several times with zero knowledge!

Risky Behavior Gooner Girl Exposed

So here is this vivacious blond, horny, and never having an orgasm! What happens? Well, what happens with gooner girls is the same as gooner guys! They begin to sink deeper and deeper into that gooning rabbit hole and their behavior can become QUITE RISKY! One reason if you are practicing gooning is that you should enlist the help of Mistress, she will keep you safe with some very dangerous games How so?

One game we’ve played is shot shot shot. This is a prime example of how we can be naughty indulge your desires and keep you safe! Turns out Ms Gooner girl has loose lips and loose hips when she drinks and one day she came to me a few drinks in looking for MY encouragement to “Go out” and find dick!

After assessing her condition, I knew it wouldn’t be safe for her to go out and about in her horny inebriated state! So I told her we can play as IF she were searching for dick. So we had a chat, I would feed her various naughty images. If the image was of a female, she could rub her clit and edge, if I showed her an image of cock, she took a shot! This does several things, it keeps her from roaming the streets for cock, and by the time we were done our game, she had little other thought than to sleep!

More Gooning Risky Behavior

Another risky behavior is her exposure online! Very risky to feed hints of your true identity to a stranger online, while confessing your deepest cocksucking and cuckolding desires! Considering her husband would kick her to the curb for her behavior! But this gooner-goner girl, loves the rush!  After all ,  What if she told her name, and location and someone got mad at her? Better safe than sorry, so I took the role of that “exciting stranger” and coaxed real-life information from her! So much so that she told me later how terrified she was, later when thinking about the information she gave me!

Somehow throughout our connection, she’s becoming more and more compliant, too! She used to balk at my direction at times, but now it’s nothing but “Yes”.

Encouraging Gooner

So you get the picture of this gooner-goner girl, and one question I had for her when she was confessing her orgasmic history is “How”. How are you so aroused, fucking all these guys and NOT ORGASM? Gooner girl is one of those women who need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, so she ensures her partners do not stimulate and chooses positions not to encourage that stimulation! That blew my mind, I don’t think I’m that much different than most women and I know if I’m ever that “Worked up” and denied my body will give me the BIG “F.U.” and I’ll wake in the throws of an orgasm! Yes, ladies have “wet dreams too!”.

So her life with me is comprised of me “firmly encouraging her” and experiencing those high emotions and hormonal rushes while in her gooner trance-like state. While trying to keep her firm tush out of trouble! REAL TROUBLE! Now I know so much about her, how she prefers clitoral orgasms, enjoys being fucked without orgasm, and admits that her best orgasms are when she is drunk and solo!

Humm, I think there are some deep and powerful things going on if your best orgasms are when you have alcohol to lower your inhibitions! What do you think? I’m thinking that the “drink” allows Ms Gooner from Miami to let her inner slut out! 2024 will be more of the same but showing her that gooning alone can also lower her inhibitions and allow powerful orgasms!

Think I can do it? I’d love to hear your comments, start tapping those keys!