Hello Kinky Krew, ready to explore some kinky cuckold fantasies? I know I am! Cuckolding is just so yummy and can incorporate a multitude of kinky options! But for this post, we will focus on some of my favorite cuckold fantasies. This list isn’t intended to be all-inclusive, but an opening of a door, and I want you to walk through that door and let’s talk about cuckold fantasies!

Thrown Into Cuckolding AKA Coerced Cuckolding

An intense cuckolding fantasy is when the husband was none the wiser about his wife stepping outside of their marriage. One breadcrumb after another, he concludes she is cheating on him.  I hear from many of these men, asking me what it means that his wife resumed wearing a particular perfume to work, after years of not wearing it. Her disappointment over having to work late again seems forced or insincere.  Her errands are taking longer and longer, your quality time is becoming nonexistent with no end in sight.

Could it be life’s challenges pulling her in a thousand directions? This is what a commitment is, hanging in when the times are rough. Right? After all, perhaps the renewed perfume wearing is because she’s nostalgic and it’s the perfume she wore when you met.

Or maybe not. Your Nagging Mind Keeps Whispering She could be cuckolding you. As I find out, for good reason. You have a great career and provide for your family. You’re patient and try to learn from your mistakes. Good sense of humor but you’re a dud in bed. She always said it wasn’t a big deal, you try to get creative, and become more skilled, and her soft smile thanking you for trying she really appreciates it stabs like a dagger.

This and similar fantasies, revolve around the husband’s humiliation and subsequent emotions upon the realization that he is a cuckold which is the flashpoint for this fantasy genre.

Your Cuckold Fantasy

Explore Cuckold Fantasies.

Exposed Sissy Cuckold

The exposed sissy cuckold fantasy is not to be confused with a sissy cuckold fantasy, I’ll explain in a moment. The exposed sissy cuckold is based on the husband having predictions for cuckolding. The cuckold husband doesn’t like taking charge in bed, initiating, hoping he’s pleasing his wife, inhibited, insecure. It’s easier to take a back seat.

It also doesn’t hurt that his fantasies of someone pleasing his wife arouse him immensely.  He feels submissive and perhaps has bi-curious desires. But the sissy cuckold is a sissy because she fantasizes about being feminized. Imagining or even secretly dressed in the classic bra, panties garter, stockings, and heels. Some sissies are drawn to the servant aspect and perform as sissy maids as well as cuckolds.

Cuckold’s husband’s secret sissy side is discovered and exposed! Sometimes that’s all that’s “needed” in the fantasy. For some, a more involved plot moves towards and details the wife’s confession of being dissatisfied with her marriage, particularly the intimacy. It’s agreed, you’ll give cuckolding a go.

Sissy Cuckold Fantasies

sissy cuckolds come in many forms. The exposed sissy, above, and those who are made into a sissy.  A coerced sissy cuckold has so many flavors it’s a very popular fantasy. How hot is it when a strong dominant woman who has had it with her mealy-mouthed husband and his lackluster penis? She sets out to emasculate her husband bit by bit. Draining his emasculation is a delicious way to describe the transformation. Oh, and transform dear old cuckold husband does. Until she’s a whisper of her former male self. If you look carefully, perhaps with a pair of reading glasses or a magnifying glass to see any resemblance of a male when she’s done with this sissy.

Some sissy cuckold fantasies focus on the transformation of the sissy cuckold, in demeanor and attire, the mechanics or actual sexual activity is slim to none. Interesting isn’t it? What do you think about this?

Another favorite for sissy cuckold fantasies, for me personally is the sexual training of my sissy cuckold husband. He still has to earn a living, I shouldn’t have to shoulder the entire monthly nut. But when that door closes and his dreaded male clothes come off, this sissy husband is slowly being turned into a sissy cuckold slut. Trained to serve both me and my lover. After all, it’s sexy to me to see you suck cock. What a fucking rush, you do it for me, I might have to take matters into my own hand, waiting for that nice fat cock to be readied by my slut. What a mind fuck for you, when you admit you love to be my little cuckold fluffer, wouldn’t you?

Bi-Curious Cuckolding Thruple

This is a very interesting thought game for us. Husband encourages the cuckolding, to a much younger more viral stud of a man. Husband and wife lovingly welcome the stud into their home, and what was to be a cuckolding with husband watching, has evolved to the husband and wife sharing his cock, including a wide range of other sexy play. Heavily peppered with dialogue and that mental game of cuckolding. From sensual and loving, “Do you really like his cock darling?” or “Oh how generous of you, so considerate I love you, honey, for introducing me to my lover” sensual pillow talk of like-minded adults. There’s not a huge power exchange, although some implied, suggested humiliation is in play.

Bi-Curious But Mistress Flavored

“Oh stud your cock is so much bigger than ANY cock, I love it. I Dream of This COCK. You’ve ruined me for all other cocks” add your eyes were locked on her mocking gaze as any or all of these heady exclamations send waves of humiliation to wash over you.

Is being involved humiliating for you? For feeding his hot cock to your lovely wife’s pussy as she exclaims “fuk! it’s his pussy now”! To your bitch lips cleaning up her cream pie. Humiliation can be a large part of this bi-curious D/s cuckolding play.

Be A Part Of The Conversation

There are, of course, dozens of other cuckolding fantasies. I want to know of yours! You are more than welcome to session with me, through a call, text or email package. Your PG-rated comments below are always a delight and I thank you!