I have had a lot of Giantess fun recently!  Being challenged to create a story of a Giantess and her tinies. Five inch men, who volunteer one way or another and agree to be shrunk. I was given some guidelines, particular areas of interest to put it succinctly, but aside from that I had free reign! It was really so much fun recreating the world with a Giantess theme! Enjoy some fun about Giantess Paradise!

Mistress was a powerful woman and CEO of an equally powerful company and quite by chance acquired the power to reduce men to 5” versions of themselves. There were many reasons to shrink men. First and foremost making a fortune! Secondly her new found love of tiny submissives!  You see she had her first converts to tiny-ism were her her FemDom stable of submissives. Three males who couldn’t wait to submit themselves to any whim of their Mistress. They willingly signed waivers of liability and express consent. Since her discovery, she’s branched out into her own multi-million-dollar endeavor. An endeavor so unique, so spectacular she would be able to name her price. A price she’ll charge so she can sustain and become her own country.

On a trip to some obscure and exclusive south pacific islands Mistress became aware of a small chain of remote tropical islands for sale, and subsequently purchased them from a wealthy French Polynesian elder. He had no heirs and looking to get rid of a life time of acquisitions. Since then she’s delved headfirst into the fantasy Giantess and Shrinking Fetish Market and have approached only a few of the wealthiest and affluent about her new business.


Giandise, (jī-ən-dīs) a Giantess Paradise for Giantess enthusiasts to explore “real life” what they’ve only been able to dream of.  Over the last six months Mistress has been hand selecting and recruiting men willing to be shrunken. Or what she affectionately referred to as Tiny-ism. Taking full grown men and making them tiny! She has approximately 1500 currently building and creating the most luxurious and exclusive Giantess retreat ever imagined.

The main island housed the great mansion, higher and overlooking the others it’s where the guests would stay during their stay. Each of the smaller four surrounding islands had their own themes and could be adjusted and changed in a weeks’ notice to fit the particular fantasy of the guest.

Guest Activities

Some of the staples and more popular, by poll, is a shrunken village, a medieval village of Gulliver traveler’s fame, thatched huts, wooden carts and the like. Ready for a Giantess to have her way. With a few well-placed steps our Giantess can crunch and destroy a house and barn. One sweep of her arm could render a town to rubble. The power, the control she had over shrunken men, her five inch plebes was thrilling for all involved. There is Daily Island

and where a Giantess can live days with five or more little tinies, depending on the package she chose, and live morning noon and night with miniature submissive tinies carrying out her every command. Domestically, and sexually.

Giantess Paradise

Manicure Pedicure By Tiny Men

Pampering Island, where a Giantess can go for a day of pampering by hundreds of tinies catering to her every whim. Giving mani-pedi’s, massages, aroma therapy, meditation and more!

First Guests To Giant Paradise

Speaking of pampering, Mistress and two lovely ladies were aboard her private jet on the way to the grand opening of Giandises.  Mindy and Susan, were two very lovely ladies and they were used to a grand an luxurious lifestyle. With a career and the bank account to back it up, and a very peculiar fetish. The women finding each other through forums on Giantism.  Mistress has fully vetted these ladies and today is the first day the ladies all met face to face.

“We have to really hand it to you!” The  ladies purr, as their feet are tended to by three very scantily clad tinies. If this treatment, as she gazes down to the tinies at their feet, treatment is any indication of what is to come, you are going to be making trillions of dollars very soon!

Giantess Paradise