My pleasure! I have to say I am having a lot of fun with all of my humiliation junkies. Humiliate me Mistress Erika, I hear them plead. But wait my pet, wait. I need to know why you are WORTHY of my scorn. Lessor insects get swatted and sent on their way. You, though. You want my attention, as depraved as it is you want me to spend good time on you, so tell me why. Do you love SPH? I love to laugh at your peanut!  As I explained to a recent caller who emailed me to discuss our session, my repertoire is wide and varied. Since I pretty much enjoy getting a sexual charge from you, the tools I wield are up to you. It’s the result I’m in it for.

Humiliation addiction

The fascinating thing about humiliation is that it seems to act like a drug. Why I often refer to those who enjoy humiliating play as addicts or junkies.  Many times, their story starts of relatively easy. Perhaps your humiliation journey started  started with cock-tease humiliating you, making you say it over and over to

Humiliate me


train your brain. Humiliate me Mistress, please Humiliate me! Maybe they began getting charged when called a whore or a slut. Ass slapping and ridicule for some. Others graduating to humiliating things like giving up control over your own orgasm. Having to report your orgasms.

Then after a while the humiliation needs to be rampd up. The Humiliate Me game ramps up! Next are n aughty shopping trips, asking questions and for advice on items in consideration.  Simply put the humiliation needs to be dialed up over time to achieve the same effect.

It sounds a lot like how nicotine, and other drugs work on the brain. Doesn’t it? At first a small amount gets you high, does the job. Soon though you need more, sooner to achieve the same result. There is a whole fascinating chain of events between the drug, dopamine being released and addiction.

Feeding Your Humiliation Monster

It really is thrilling to talk with a humiliation addict about their addiction. How it started, perhaps starting by begging. Humiliate me , I am unworthy of your divine presence Goddess.  their progression and where they are at this juncture of their addiction.  I enjoy pushing their limits exploring what they find erotic and exciting. Where your male brain, high on sex hormones after edging you over and over and what you will consent to. Purely hetro male who enjoys a bit of humiliation, enjoys a strong beautiful woman to reduce him to wimp.  He might find himself begging to be pegged with my strap-on  like a common whore.

Humiliation Fantasies

What are your humiliation fantasies? Do Where are you on the continuum?  Does it ring true with you that you seek increased humiliation over time? It would be so hot to hear! Let’s have some fun, and tell my why you are a pathetic parasite, a boil on the ass of humanity and let me make your phone humiliation dreams come true!

Humilate me