Welcome to our spooktacular blog train, my installment will be: making Ian my Gooner Bitch. I’m sure you understand why.  Did you just come here from the previous blog where It seems our very own Babe With A boner, the lovely Ms. Bethany, and her pumpkin head trance have you all worked up? Good. Because My fun Is just beginning.

Ian Strolls In

Ian, the fine strapping lad happened into my shop one cloudy morning. It was quite and the last shopper was just leaving as he blew in. His swagger, smirk, and rugged good looks told me this cocky bloke is used to the world falling at his feet. Just the kind of man I fantasize about, cocksure then humbled, kneeling trembling, and begging at My feet. I kept my eyes on him as I went about my tasks, he was cute but rude as F, talking loudly on his cell, kept picking things up, and putting them down in the wrong places. It was annoying perhaps, but really not actionable. Worse has gone on around here.  But I have to admit,  he’s really fueling my fantasies of having him on his knees, as thoughts of him as my gooner bitch danced in my head. One step at a time, I remind myself. Your time will come.

I’m an extremely patient Woman, I know all I have to do is be observant so I can pounce on the littlest of opportunities.

My Time Has Come

Eventually, the bloke settled on his purchase and I walked around to the checkout, to better check him out. Putting on my warmest smile, I review, out loud, the items he placed on the counter. Not something I typically do, but those “special” ones get special treatment.

Me: Hi there, find everything you needed?

Ian: yeah

Me: Oh I see you have great taste, this vibrating cock ring is new to our inventory and promises to be the premier ring out on the market! Did you know it’s blue tooth enabled, and you can connect it via an app to a special someone?

Ian: Oh, um. I think so, yea.

ringing up and placing the cock ring into a bag.

Me: oh the Long dong silver dildo! My, my my you are a considerate one! Impressive, you don’t spare any expense, for some lucky lady, humm?

I pick up the dildo, still encased in the box, and sensually stroke, with a little “mmmm”  it as I ring it up, and place it in the bag with the cock ring…

He blushes  I can see that his cocky “savoir-faire” attitude is slipping, so of course, I have to press on!

Me: oh this lube is great, good choice! But for your information, the larger pump bottle with twice as much lube is on sale for only a dollar more! I am sure she’ll appreciate that, want me to get it for you?

Ian: Um no that’s ok, I’m traveling I don’t need all that.

Me: Well, Ok you do know lube as long as it is unopened has a long shelf life, yes?

Ian: Growing increasingly uncomfortable, shifting  his weight between  his feet, remains silent

Me: (smirking and picking up the naughty vid he selected) Ohhh Titties gone wild, breast man, humm?

Not waiting for a reply, ring it up and put it in the bag.

Me: That’ll be 189.60, (he hands me his credit card) on your visa?

*error sound*

Me: Humm. It declined. Let’s try again

*Error sound*

I’m sorry, they must have put a lock on this card, security is insane these days. Do you have another?

Ian: Yea, hands me his debit card.

*error sound*

Me: Darn that one is locked too!

Ian: That’ can’t be, I just used both of these yesterday!

Me: Well, that’s strange. It’s Saturday and I’m not sure if you’ll be able to reach your bank today. Do you have cash?

Ian: With a frustrated look: Who carries around that kind of cash, these days?

Me: Well, you do have a point, I smile smugly.

I gaze at Ian with a little glint in my eye and a small smirk, He’s looking more concerned than frustrated as he shifts, back and forth on his feet.
Me: I don’t want you to disappoint your special someone, tell you what. If you have the time you can hang out here this afternoon, help me out a bit, and I’ll let you work off the purchase, sound like a deal?

Ian: A soft kind look rolls across his face, yea? Can I do that?

Me: Sure! First things first. Your uniform.

I take the goody bag and place it under the counter, and head to the back, Ian stood confused.

Me: Come along, and what is your name? I’m Erika…

Ian follows and tells me his name. We get to the back, past the viewing booths, I open a cabinet, and going through the items I select a pair of black leather boy shorts, a leather vest, collar, and cuffs.
I turn to hold the items up to him.

Me: I think I have the size right, take them to the employee restroom is just over there. Once you change you can put your clothes in this locker,  pointing to locker just next to the cabinet.

Ian: Looking like he just sucked on a lemon. “What? I’m NOT wearing “THIS” as he shakes the leather vest and shorts.

Me: Well, ok if you are so opposed just go home empty-handed, ok by me! Run along, then.

Ian: shifts his weight, and looks at his phone. Mumbles under his breath: “Fuck, alright!”

I smile, turn and let him know to report to me at the front of the store, once he’s changed.

Ian The Cum Cleaning Bitch

I put the lad to work, first cleaning the booths. You know they can get very messy! I pop in Boobs Bonanza in the main feed so each booth is showing luscious bouncing boobs. I keep an eye on him through the security cameras and unbutton another button on my blouse. I see Ian struggling to focus on the task. He surreptitiously rubs and touches the leather panty, over his throbbing cock. About an hour later, Ian completes his task. I watch as he saunters up to me, and  I enjoy watching the wiggle of his rather attractive, snugly outlined in black leather,  bulging hard on pressing against those too-tight shorts.

Puffing out his chest, he proudly announces his task is complete, can he have his items and go?

My lips bark out a tremendous laugh, you think cleaning some cum soaked walls for an hour earns you $190? Oh come on Ian, I told you ALL afternoon, didn’t I? You also agreed. He begins to protest when his eyes, swing up, and he looks up and over my shoulder to the parking lot. The front windows have see-through window graphics, meaning I can see out easily but you cannot see in.

The blood drains from Ian’s face as he exclaims “FUK” eyes wide he looks quickly around calculating a fast sprint to the back, declines that option, and opts to crouch and crawl, diving behind the front counter, crouching down just next to my feet.

Ian The Cowering Bitch

Me: Ha ha WTF Ian what are you doing? At the same time, I turn around and see a woman in a two-piece skirt suit breezily sashaying towards the front door, looking impeccable. I look down at Ian now sitting on his ass, back plastered against the back wall of the counter, knees bent arms wrapped around, looking very uncomfortable. I inquire with a chuckle: Who is that woman to you, Ian?

Ian: Shhh, just pretend I’m not here.

Me: haha, No you have to fess up NOW! QUICKLY! She just got to the walkway, a few more steps and she’ll be in the vestibule one more door, and she’ll be right here!

Ian: OK, fuck she’s my boss, alright? I was supposed to go in today for overtime but I called out sick, now PLEASE PLease just ignore me!

I’m laughing as Ms. Boss lady comes through the doors, she glances up at me, and I smile in return. “Let me know if I can help you with anything” I see her head to the back corner a good distance from the counter where Ian hid.

Me: Well well well, (whispering but loudly) I guess someone is in quite the pickle. Ian’s face blushes, grits his teeth, and gives me a wide-eyed look, pleading with me silently to not give him away. She shops for a bit, and comes up to the counter, with a box of condoms and lube. “Did you find everything ok?” She nods and smiles, I step to the register, and Ian was taking up space right in front, on the floor,  and he wasn’t moving aside. OK, then, I think. I make a quick large step I don’t think Boss Lady notices, but now I’m spread-legged, pulling my short skirt up just a bit to give my legs room to spread. I end up, straddling Ian with his head just inches away from my pantied crotch. Smiling I ring up the purchase: Oh XL Trojans, what a lucky lady! We both giggle. “Is there anything else”, she looks around, a familiar action here when people are concerned about being overheard.

I lean forward onto the counter, putting my arms on the counter readying myself for the confidential inquiry,  this pushes my pantied pussy against Ian’s lips.  I can feel his hot breath on my thighs, as he remains frozen, unsure of what to do. With a little push of my hips,  tilting just so I can control how firmly I cover his rude pie hole. Don’t worry, I’ll let him breathe, enough.

Boss lady leans in:   I wonder what you would suggest helping your guy “last longer”. I raise one eyebrow, “Oh Girlfriend, are you saying your guy is hung yet is a premature ejaculator?” We both roll our eyes, and laugh”

I spend the next 15 minutes, explaining the various things she can buy from me, playfully smothering Ian in a regular rhythm, with my pantied pussy. I explain we carry training tapes on how to edge, and orgasm delay. I explain cock rings, numbing gels, and various tease techniques I personally found beneficial. She was very appreciative, added some of the items to her purchase, and left. Feeling Ian squirming between my legs, I had him virtually by the balls, and soon it’ll be literally.

Pushing my pretty pussy around on his face for 15 glorious moments was fun, but now things are really going to heat up.

Boss lady leaves, I watch her walk through the doors out to her car.

The Tables Are Turned On A Soon To Be Gooner Bitch

I step away from Ian’s mouth, he’s glistening slightly with sweat on his brow, and a large wet spot on his pretty little booty shorts, I just gaze at it and laugh. As he sat panting, I gave him the all-clear “she’s left”. He slowly peeks up and out the window to see her taillights meander off into the distance. Bowing his head, still panting and very grateful for my assistance.

Me: Well, Ian, it seems you are in quite the situation, first calling off work and then almost being caught at the naughty toy store, and since the boss lady paid with her visa, I happen to know her name. I think you understand where I’m going with this don’t you?

Ian: Please please, don’t I’m already in hot water at work, if they found out………

Erika: Don’t worry, as long as you are a good boy your secret is safe with me. Would you like to know how to be a good boy for me?
Seeing the confused look wash over his face, I snicker: Now, go to the back, the door just next to the bathroom, it’s my office I’ll be there in a minute.

Becoming My Gooner Bitch

Ian thinks this lovely lady is going to cut him a break, until he opens that door and stops, freezing in place. This “office” was way more than an office, a medical-like table on one side, a wall with eye hooks, with leather thongs dangling from them. A large glass display cabinet with every sex toy one could imagine, delightfully propped and displayed. One cabinet marked: Anal Play with vibrating anal plugs, fuck machines, and dildos Sex toyof all shapes and sizes.  His eyes could barely comprehend all the toys he was viewing…. Fleshlights and automatic strokers stood proud and beckoned his horny cock. Leather harnesses, gags, floggers and crops.

Ian’s cock throbbed and his head spun, the little voice in his head screamed:  What the actual Fuk? What has his chronic masturbation, horny, and always hard cock gotten him into this time. He swore the last time he called off of work to goon all day was going to be the last, but here he was.

Suddenly a loud bark jerked him from his mental stupor.

Look Lively Slut, MOVE

Time to be my gooner bitch! My hand swings high and out, and slap that ass. I giggle as I see the ripples of those ass cheeks rumble through his ass, in response.
Stripped and strapped,  poor Ian is strapped to my table, while I use every state-of-the-art tease toy on him. Even not so state of the art, it’s an amazing thing what a sweet feather can elicit from swollen red, weeping tears of gooning joy can bring.

After about an hour of teasing, I start by teasing out the erotic confessions.  Exhausted and hopeful, I told him if I’m exceptionally delighted over one of his confessions, I’ll let him cum, and he can go home. So over the next hour, he falls deeper and deeper into that gooner bitch rabbit hole. Confession after confession,  one after another like a magician’s never-ending scarf, this one really IS a slut. That dildo? Oh it was for someone special, alright. For him!

Turns out he’s had a crush on Ms Boss Lady and heard her talking about her well-endowed lover. Partially curious, partially in hopes if he ever did get her into his bed, he’d have a sizeable cock to please her, as I have come to know Ian, with all his hot wind, destructive mindset that in the end, he just didn’t measure up. Not a tiny dick by any means, that’s not what I mean. After all, even if you are an above-average cock-holder, of 6.5″ , there’s always going to be bigger cocks than yours.

At last count, he was up to 650 edges, his eyes glazed over, his voice just a whisper, words haven’t been fully formed for at least two hours, but I’m delightfully entertained by his grunts, moans as he lays in a puddle of his own sweat and precum, occasionally twitching, as my milking machine is set on slow milk.

Ian’s My Bitch

After 8 hours, I untie him. His arms and legs are too weak to do much more than just lay there. Semi-conscious, he barely realizes when I put my cage on him.

Erika's cock


I may be a bit cruel, but not stupid. Gooner bitch has burned a lot of calories today, and when the feeling comes back to his arms and legs, he’ll need some nourishment. So I leave a snack, of some peanut butter crackers and some water.

Lastly, a note on the table ordering him to report back, next Saturday:



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