Hello there, dear readers! I hope you didn’t miss me too much last week as I was off sailing the high seas. Well, if the Gulf of Mexico is considered high seas, that is! I most certainly did consider it “high,” shortly after sailing. The aroma of ganja wafted through the balcony’s on the ship!

Now, I may or may not have “made friends” with my cabin neighbors and I may or may not have partaken in said party favors. I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

Today’s blog is just informal and fun, enjoy!

Mistress Fun

So, head Mistress Ally had the company gathering this year on a cruise ship! No more details will be given since there are nefarious stalkers out there! Ya, fuckers! You ruin it for everyone!

But, suffice it to say, when you get a bunch of sexy Mistresses , adding some cocktails and a “what happens on the cruise stays on the cruise” mindset there was a lot of fun to be had. There may have been some broken hearts we left on the ship, but certainly no broken dicks. Some, reportedly need time off, like weeks after, but they were not BROKEN. #Goodthing.

We’ve reconfirmed what we already know: Pussy wins, always.  There was great food and had fun with old and new friends. I’m just sad it all had to end! 

Balcony Sex

Have you ever had balcony sex? I upgraded to a suite that had a whirlpool tub and a long balcony! I thought of many of you and how you’d love to be my cabin “stew” and cum by once a day to “service my cabin”. Yes, when I say “service my cabin” it is a euphemism for my sweet pussy! Ha!

Mmmm how delicious! Me looking out at the ocean, arms on the wooden rail. You my adoring pet kneeling or sitting behind me. I turn my head towards you, long hair sailing in the breeze, and I purr:  Start with the legs, pet. Feeling your fingers , caress and slide, then kisses. *shiver*

A lot of fun and fun fantasies to be had!

Don’t Up-sale Me

But not all the fun on a ship has to do with naughty things, although the idea of you caged, teased and denied is definitely on the agenda if you were there!

But for me fun doesn’t have to be naughty! I generally have fun meeting new people, sometimes even MFing them a bit.

Silly vanilla guys, they sometimes don’t know who they are messing with! Here’s a fun story all said with a wink and a smile, of course!

Last Day Of the Cruise

I’m at one of the shops, and considering a trinket. 
The sales person a lovely looking man of Polynesian decent, trying to up sale me.I politely declined.
He tries again, like a good annoying salesperson, right? 
I look at him and say : If you try to up-sale me one more time. 
I’m going to make you look like that lady in the picture (and I point to a picture with a lovely model on it)
He laughs, and looks confused 
I say “oh you laugh, but you don’t know what I DO for a living!” 

Him: Ha ha, erm what do you mean? 
Me: I feminize men for a living. I’ll slap some make up on you, paint those pretty full lips, add a dress and some hose. By the time I get done with you, you’ll be so pretty not even your mama will recognize you! You want that?

Him: Ha haha , walks away looking very uncomfortable. 

I go to check out. Mr Man is there, one more time tries to up-sale me.

Me: Look, I’m coming down with a cold. Keep it up: I’m licking your hand. 
Him: Holds up two fingers: Peace Peace! Proceeds to check me out, no more words.

Moral of the story: When germs scare you more then being feminized, me thinks I know what you really want. Hmm?

So, are you happy I’m back? Who wants to be feminized? Who wants to be locked? Who out there, my dear readers and pets want  to service my cabin?

Mmmmmmm, delicious.

Until we chat,
Mistress Erika

Special Vacation Bonus Tease Inside. You should listen, really.