Office Feminization today is a bit different and I know you’ll enjoy. Welcome to another edition of my slut chronicles, like my previous post I’m talking about an office slut but this slut is a bit different. It involves a heavy dose of differnt kind of feminization. Kayleigh’s adventures are wide and varied and I have plenty of adventures to retell.  Today I’m going to give you an overview, if you think  you’d like to hear more about Kayleigh’s adventures let me know, it’ll be motivation for me to get going on that project!

Kayleigh Office Feminization Inspiration

Do you lust after your coworkers?

She looks at her co-workers, assistants in their tight skirts, and pretty blouses and lusts.   There is Ms L,  who is in her mid-30s, and Ms S, who is late 20s. Toned blond haired hotties. Ms L, is more of a golden blonde with highlights 5-foot-8. Ms .S  is more traditional lighter blonde, and she is 5-foot-6.

Why Kayleigh’s itty bitty “she erection” goes into over drive as she is privy to the sexy goings on.  You see, we are familiar with those who lust after their coworkers, slutboy is one of them. But Kayleigh is different, aren’t you? You lust to be them. With the wiggle in their walk, cute smiles and legs for miles. Watching the men fall over themselves for them, is what Kayleigh dreams of. And Cock. Lots and Lots Of Cocks.

Kayleigh Sexy Shenanigans

More about Kaleigh’s and her Office Feminization.

I am a repressed sissy faggot, often hungry for sexual release. I regularly wear panties, bodysuits or leotards under my normal work clothes. It makes me feel so hot and naughty underneath, and I often get very aroused and prematurely ejaculate. I fantasize often about being a sexy slut, and I am envious of hot women, wearing their tight clothing, shamelessly showing their legs in short skirts and heels, batting their eyes and getting whatever they want, including some wonderful cock.

So Kayleigh being so inspired to be a sexy, “men falling all over you woman”  loves to emulate her sexy coworkers and other sexy women she encounters! Here’s a clip of something she’s given me permission to post, about her office feminization activities!

I could feel my she-rection getting stiff and aroused, just looking at her. Probably sensing my eyes were all over her, Kat looked back with a brief smirk, flipped her hair, and continued opening and closing her legs.  Her warmup was over much too quickly; as I got a drink of water from a nearby fountain, I suddenly looked up, there was Kat standing right in front of me, her hair down and holding a white towel after the session and looking at me as if to say, “Who are you, again?”

After her encounter with Ms Kat , this is what this office slut did

Not able to help myself, I went immediately to the Pro Shop, forgetting all about lunch, and after carefully looking to make sure no one would interrupt my perverted perusal, I began my search. My heart raced and my she-rection tingled with excitement as I found Kat’s leotards, cap sleeve in that unmistakable heavy and smooth spandex fabric.

I quickly grabbed up two black leotards and went to the checkout with the delectable feminine garments. At that moment, I so needed to be Kat.  I gathered my bag and rushed to the car. Once safely in my car and out of view, I removed one of the leotards from the bag and took a big whiff of that familiar new spandex smell.  My she-rection was already throbbing and ready.

Not waiting another moment, I got into the back seat of my car. I then laid out in the backseat, stripped, and I pointed my right toe and pulled the leotard over my foot and up my right leg. I performed the same girly ritual with the left leg and then pulled the gloriously sexy leotard high up my waist and over the rest of my body. It was such a perfect fit, and so very right and tight as I looked in the car’s rearview mirror……………………………….


I’m thinking of doing a special podcast retelling her slutty adventures. If you would like to hear more, let me know!
You are my motivators and inspiration!

Listen to a sample of Kayleigh’s Office Feminization fun !

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