Hey, there crowd! I have some fun ~n~ sexy news for ya! So grab a drink, your funny bone and let’s get to it. New fans might be scratching their head at the reference to the Enchantrix Empire. But the blog is brought to you by LDW/ yours truly, no? Yes! Enchantrix.com and Enchantrix Empire are both part of the LDW company. Enchantrix.com is where the Enchantrix Mistress have their profiles, and other sexy tidbits for your hungry mind.  Enchantrix Empire is our Kinky Social Network.  If you haven’t been, check ’em out. WAIT NOT NOW! GA! When you are done with “MY” blog! *winks* Thank you!

Sexy News : Mistress Podcast

For the past few weeks I’ve been joining the sexy Mistress Hunter of Intelligent Phone Fantasies  on her podcast, The Mistress and The Tramp, on Thursday nights. One more this week and The Tramp returns from her adventures! Come on by! Ms Hunter has a sexy game for us to play!  What’s different about our podcasts on Cock Radio is our listeners join us and interact with us during the show in our chat room. Check around my blog a bit, you’ll get all the links and info. Plus, between you and I, I’m trying to keep you here longer.  You hanging around reading helps my figure! *winks!* *laughs*

Enchantrix Perks

Get Your Rewards

Sexy News: Enchantrix Perks

LDW rolled out a fantastic new rewards program over at Enchantrix Perks! Do you call a lot or call a little? Doesn’t matter! Every

call counts. Oh let me amend that. Every session counts! Sexy Texting? Sure! Click to call?  Absolutely.  As the program develops who knows what kind of rewards or programs the lovely Head Mistress may roll out! All you need is an email address, we never sell , just use it to keep in touch.

Sexy News: Virtual World


Virtual World

Join us in Virtual World and explore your Kink!

Our Enchantrix Empire sim in Virtual world had a make over! Fun place to hang out, play games and interact with the Sexy Virtual World Mistresses. I just completed a photo shoot for a special project which will be rolled out very soon! I’m so excited about it. You know we can do everything in virtual world your kinky mind can think of! Most definitely every thing our calls consist of! Well, let’s still keep it safe, sane and legal. It really isn’t hard, so don’t let your intimidation over technology stop you. If you can play pong, or space invaders (roaring in laughter) you can do Virtual World!  I’m totally not a gamer in any sense of he world and within a few days I was up and running, literally!