Taking a break from our normally scheduled kink to bring you some Sexy News from me and something Ultra Sexy rolling out at Enchantrix Empire!
If you regularly listen, or attend the live broadcast of Mistress Constance’s Kink Korner, Wednesday’s at 8pm EST. you may have an inkling what I’m about to say. But first things first!

Sexy News – Naughty Lingerie Auction

You heard me! THE BIG SEXY NEWS IS:  LDW/Enchantrix Empire will be offering their own auction site where the ladies can auction off their naughty lingerie!

Your wildest dreams have come true! Soon, you’ll be able to peruse your favorite Mistresses offerings and place a bid! Don’t worry, discretion is our middle name! The items up for auction will already be at  the home office, when you place that winning bid! You’ll supply your sensitive data to the home office, and they will send it to you!
What I want to know is are you interested?
Would you want to purchase something?
If so what?

Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie, panties, bras or teddy’s anyone!

Possible auction items are: Panties, bra and lingerie! How much would you spend on My Panties, My Bra or something even sexier?

Here’s a picture of one of my lingerie drawers. Are you excited yet?

Erotica with Erika

Other sexy news is an idea I’ve been tossing around for a bit. I’m thinking of doing a podcast of my own! Some of the ladies have their own podcasts and you can check them out at Cock Radio. Most are an hour long, weekly. *Phew* I have no idea how the do it!

So I’m thinking of something a bit more low key. Perhaps monthly,or biweekly?

Some possible options:
I can do short 15 minute snippets post them for you to listen to, or even download.
I can do up to a 30 minute live broadcast where I open up community kink chat room and we have a bit of an erotic break.

The premise of the show is Erotica, featuring erotica written by me, or perhaps you! Do you have a short (300 words) erotic story you’d like to hear read? Since a lot of the Enchantrix Mistresses are great erotic writers, featuring them routinely will have to be a MUST!

I’ve included a sample in the audio below of what you might expect.

How do you like my little sexy news update? Let me know what you think!
Comment below, or email me at Erika@EnchantrixEmpire.com.

Until we chat,

Sexy News Mistress Erika

Erotica With Erika Pilot Podcast (say that ten times fast ha!)