Had so much fun talking about sissies in my past few blogs. Today we are continuing talking about a particular sissy cuckold. Please know, anytime I use someones name, or “expose” them on a blog, I have full consent. Discretion is as important to me as it is to you, so only kinky exposure pets are highlighted here!

Sissy Cuckold Tammy

Tammy, whose boy name is Tim, or was it Tom?  Humm. Well, doesn’t matter any longer does it, Tammy? No, of course not. After all, your sexy vixen Lexy and myself, have walked you down the sissy road, guiding and teaching you along the way. You came to me, nervous about the changes your GF was putting you through. Lexy, the one and the same, then emails me and together we’ve brought you here, to Tammy.  Tammy, you were dressing, talking , walking and yes, even thinking like a girl. Then recently you changed your name legally.

Sissy Cuckold’s Lexy

I asked Lexy:
How did you know she was a sissy?
Her Reply:  I don’t think it all happened in one day. I definitely knew after a while of dating her that she had a lot of submissive tendencies. When I would cheat, and she would do nothing about it, and we would just stay together. I continued to push the envelope, and she always fell in line.

Lexy continued: Some things were difficult, but as a whole, she was pretty easy to turn. I knew when I put that first pair of panties on her, and she immediately got hard, that it was all over for her as a man.

I also asked her (this is a surprise to Tammy) what was one goal she had for Tammy?
If I had to pick one goal, I’d say to serve me and do anything I say, as well as serve as much cock as possible.


Sissy Cuckold Exposed

It’s clear to me that Tammy has been turned, and now with her coming out party here on my blog, we need to start your cock sucking training in earnest.  You wouldn’t want to interfere with with your goals and disappoint both Lexy and I, would you sissy? After all, bulls need fluffing, and gurl, you have been elected as the sissy cuckold fluffer!

Sissy Tammy, now your dirty secrets are out there. Exposed.  No turning back now.
Lexy and I have a training program for you. Cock sucking for cuckolds.
Report to my office for your first lesson.