Everybody have you heard? Stroke For Me at the strokathon 2021 is on , baby! (crowd roars) It was just announced this past week over at the daily cock! I know it sounds exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time! This post will not only give you a bit of information on the stroke-a-thon but also give you some pro tips on how you can participate and keep a certain level of discretion. Even if you are totally not interested, keep reading. There’s something for you down below!

Circle Jerk Anyone

Well virtually anyway. Wait wait wait! Don’t run away yet! If you are aroused by being naked on cam with ten ladies watching you then you owe it to yourself to “hang on” Let me tell you how you can have your cake and eat it too! But first a few preliminaries.

The Strokeathon will be held on Saturday, September 18th, 2021, at 6 pm eastern.

We will be hosting this on Skype in a private skype call with all participants on the same call. Once you register and pay for the event your skype ID will be added to a the private skype chat a day or so before the event to ensure we are connected!

The cost for the event is $50.00, and there will be No Refunds.  Ten Fantastic Enchantrix Mistresses are going to ensure you have a fantastic time, and we scheduled ourselves to be there to play! Don’t let us down!

Sign up for the event on the Jack Off Club site, and be sure to include your Skype user name so you can be added to the group.

***Important*** You Must sign up by the end of the day September 15th, 2021 

Stroke For Me Pro Tips

Getting Started On Skype
If you are not already familiar on how to use skype you can google “Skype wiki” and follow directions. Or you can call me and I can walk you through the steps! It will help if we can email or use twitter DM so I can send you links etc.
Keep in mind:

1- Don’t use your full name! So if your name is John Jones create an account like “John Johnny” or “J J”, some even have cute names like sissy b!
2- Do fill in an “of age” birth date. My skype is marked that only age appropriate accounts can contact me, no birthday no bueno!
3- Review settings for Video and Audio, set them accordingly.
4- Use a throw away email, not your service providers account. Proton mail offers a free (for causal use) safe email account

Yikes I’m Going To Be On Cam

Before the event you have some more homework to do! It’s all about the angle darlin! We want you to have BOTH hands free! So if you are using a laptop, just set it and angle it accordingly.

If you are using a phone, you’ll need something to hold your phone! Life Hacks for phone holder videos abound, some are very easy others a bit involved but you can get some great ideas!

When you are on cam for us you DO NOT Have to show your face. But do experiment with your phone’s camera option to plan out where that phone will sit and consider that angle. If you are nervous about your phone tilting and showing a bit too much, wear a mask!

stroke for me

Stroke For Me

Mistress Loves POV

I personally love the POV jerk off angle. That’s when you show me that dick just as you see it “Looking down” at that penis!
But other angles are great as well.
→Side View.  If you are laying or sitting and we are on skype viewing you from the side!
→Front View: Skype is place in front of you looking up your thighs at that hot dick stroking
→Birds eye view. Now don’t ask me how some do this, I have no IDEA but it’s  their phone is just above them looking straight down. Kinda like a POV but from   a perched perspective.

Few More Pro Tips

Skype has a background filter option, check it out. It’s under Settings/video-audio.  I have one naughty who does cam calls and adds  up images of naughty things in the background as he dances that fine ass on cam for me!

Once you are added to the skype group, please  do say HI but don’t jam up our feed with tons of script! WE know you are excited !! We are too!  I know I just might pop in for a little tease or two. Keep in mind it’s NOT session/play time until 6PM on the 18th! There will be no explicit chat happening before the event!

You don’t have to be on cam at all can just do voice over skype! You won’t be eligble for the TOP prize but isn’t spending time with so many fun women prize enough? I knew you’d agree! Tee hee…. well timid strokers you’ll be put in  a prize pool which includes free minutes.

Remember I want you to WIN, er um Lose!?

There are prizes for keeping that cum in those balls! Our goal is to get you to cum, and lose! You don’t want to cum and WIN, wait what!? LOL Here’s what you get for holding that cum

  1. 30-minute free call with any Mistress you choose
  2.  Purchase a call and get a second Mistress added to that call for up to 20 minutes for FREE
  3.  5 Free Minutes added to any (1) paid call you do

But I Am Not Done Yet!

We can always have our own private StrokeAThon on cam ,or just on the phone.
It can be just with me or another Mistress can be added to the mix. Mmm Two Mistress Calls are Sooo HOT!

For those who want to participate, but unsure if you can endure let’s schedule some Training! I’ll work with your budget , one call per week will be required (length to be determined)  and you’ll get ONE free assignment with each call.

If your call each week is at LEAST 30 minutes, I’ll toss in three email exchanges during the week FOR FREE!

More To Cum!

We have a bit over three weeks to whip that cock into shape! I’ll be posting soon about what you can expect when you stroke for Mistress at StrokAThon 2021!

So What Are You Waiting For? Sign up today at the Jack Off Club and send me a message!

StrokAThon Mistress Erika ????