Today’s blog: Submissive Male Flavors was inspired by a recent request (post) at Enchantrix Empire where I asked for suggestions on topics for this blog! I had a few conversations with respondents, including a conversation I had with Dragon, a devoted submissive and a fellow EE (Enchantrix Empire)  member! He suggested, as well as others, talking about levels  of submission. When asked to define “levels” (kinda reminded me of the 7 levels of hell, LOL) their definition was geared more types or as what I refer to as  “Flavors” 😉 So here’s a look at some of those “Flavors”. Not meant as an all inclusive list, by any means. So don’t get all  butt hurt if your flavor isn’t here. You may comment, on yours and I may consider it for another time.

Fantasy Submissive Male

I get it, your fantasies revolve around submitting to a beautiful Dominate Woman. But even that simple concept of submission is chock full of variants. Some may heavily rely on BDSM scenes of paddling, floggers and ball gags to feel submissive in the fantasy.  I know some of you love to foot worship, kneeling and kissing my feet makes you feel all weak and powerless. Another common theme is coerced feminization. Probably is one of the more popular. Regardless of the scene, the fantasy of your submission is where it’s at. Where you need to stay. That’s great, let’s play. Talk with me, let me in your mind. We’ll create or hell, submit to me and I’ll create a dandy fantasy for us to both enjoy!

Submissive Male Tasks

Others want to add a twist , taste the forbidden fruit. Performing tasks is important for your feelings of submission. You find both the idea of submitting to a Dominate Woman in fantasy hot, on one level, but also serving her by completing tasks or assignments gives you that extra thrill. Here’s where the humiliation aspect really comes into play, regardless if you are a pantie boi, cock sucker or stroker slut there are tasks that inherently ramp up the possibility of someone, a stranger coming to the realization of what your most intimate of sexual fantasies are all about. Opening yourself up for possible ridicule and/or repulsion by another is both anxiety producing and humiliating.  Most of us are used to being vulnerable to our most intimate of partners but who is up for asking about naughty things at the “bookstore”?

Submissive Male Lifestyle


Submissive Male

I love a submissive male


Those who have taken fantasy, to reality ,and have been able to acquire a FLR in their lives have yet a different perspective on what it means to be a submissive male. Some relationships, the bedroom play is D/s in nature, from an easily to imagine FLR bedroom where her orgasms are paramount. His orgasms are “as they are granted”. To more intense BDSM scenes. But out of the bedroom, they conform to (more or less) stereotypical female / male roles. Or should I say, present themselves as a “main stream couple” vs a D/s couple.

Submissive Flavors

I’ve gone and rambled on with a subject we all could probably spend eons looking at and examining. I’ve barely touched the surface  regarding  power exchange relationships. I guess that means only one thing. You’ll have to call me and discuss this subject further! You know I’d love to. Until then.