Hello Dear readers, today we are going talk about tickling fetish. That’s right, sexual arousal brought on by the tickling sensation. Demystifying fetishes and shining a light on it is part of what I do. Some of you may have heard about tickling, others, I bet you have not. So along with my sexy erotic musings I like to interject some “learnin”. Because, in my mind and many open minds, as long as you stay Safe, Sane and Consensual it’s all good in my book! But as we shall see, not all feel the way I do!

What Is A Tickling Fetish

It is exactly as it sounds. Tickling is arousing, and sexually stimulating to those with this kink. According to psychology today tickling fetish is also known as

Tickle Fetish

Kinismolagnia. I know some of you just looked at the word in HORROR! Haha “how in the HELL-O” do you pronounce that? Interestingly when I went to webster on line, they show zero results!?!? Wot? Ok So Erika is going to pretend to be webster here:
kinismolagnia: Nis-MA-LE-NAh.
Or click kinismolagnia to go to a sample , I found.
Okay, you back? We’ll just stick with tickle, agreed? (laughs)

Tickle Tickle What a Pickle

I’ve had the pleasure of doing several types of tickle calls, and I have to say although it is new to me I’m kinda digging it.  It really isn’t too far off from other types of power exchanges. Most definitely the tickled one is weak, powerless and some might say submissive. The few fantasies I’ve been introduced to include the feelings of helplessness. Sometimes that helpless and unable to escape the tickling is because they are tied. Humm. Where have I heard about sexual play and being bound? humm. (winks).

Sensation Play And Tickling Fetish

We often engage in sensation play,which in practice can be a wide variety of things. From soft silk, to leather. Certainly CBT, spanking and other BDsm activties revolve around raising the sensations. Why would we say “tickling” isn’t a viable “sensation” to play with, right? RIGHT!

For this post I actually looked into the “Tickling” sensation scientifically, as I am prone to do.

From How Stuff Works: The somatosensory cortex is responsible for analyzing touch; for example, the pressure associated with it. The signal sent from the skin’s sensory receptors also passes through the anterior cingulated cortex, which governs pleasant feelings.

The article also goes on to explain why we cannot tickle ourselves, in essence because our nervous system “feels” both sides of the tickle. But I’m happy to report that the article was a bit narrow minded. Here’s why.

I often “do things” on this end to be more “in the moment” to create the energy I’m looking for sooooooooo- on one call with a sexy tickler, where they tables were turned and I was the one being tickled, I was ABLE to tickle myself. Perhaps not to the extent another could or would, but just taking my long nails and gently scratching my arch really TICKLED!

Tickling feels nice!

Tickling Marginalization

So if you look at the tickling fetish as I have here, it makes perfect sense why there would be those of us who are aroused by the act of tickling. It’s sensual and fun or can be taken all the way to TORMENT level.

(again) Humm… where have I heard those dynamics before?

One tickle pet explained their challenges having this fetish to me in an email. I  won’t divulge the details, but example after example he showed me how others view it as “Weird” and made him feel “unwanted”. Even in the BDsm world, asking for tickles or finding someone to engage enthusiastically is difficult to find. That even in the “marginalized groups of Kinksters” have their very own subset of marginalizing the tickle fetish.

I feel for him, and you  if you have ever been made to feel “less than” because of your kink and desires. It’s why I am here, and love what I do. Provide that safe place to explore!

Wiggling My Fingers Conclusion

I’ve often found that many distance themselves from “kinks” manly because they just don’t understand it. We humans are strange creatures. One would think with such large and powerful minds we wouldn’t be so afraid of things that confuse us or is “different” but unfortunately we are. Good News is you can , unlike many animal species, grow your understanding and come to accept and celebrate our differences, rather than to fear and demolish what is unfamiliar.

So if you have a tickling fetish, or other lessor known kinks you have a fun open minded sexy Woman ready to play! Just keep it Safe, Sane and Consensual!

Are you ready to incorporate tickling with your sensation play? ? Let’s go!

Until We Chat ????

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika