Curious title, isn’t it. Sexual Alchemist. You probably are curious as to why I would use that term on a blog about kink and phone sex! Well my dear readers isn’t that exactly what a Mistress is? She uses base elements and creates something fantastic!  Let’s take a look.


According to Miriam Webster:

-Is a  power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way

 -An inexplicable or mysterious transmuting

Sexual Alchemist 

Mistress uses your sexual urges, your biological directive in ways which might be mysterious to you. You, submit your mind and your body and allow her to transform you!

Don’t get all anxious though, you won’t wake up looking like a toad or any such thing. I’m not talking about witchcraft and sorcery I’m talking about how the human brain works and how I can help it adapt to new stimulation. Or create lasting links between a particular stimulation and sexual arousal. 

Alchemist Elements

So what elements could an alchemist use to cause that transformation that revelation, soaring to new erotic levels? Here’s where it gets fun.

  • Sex Hormones– those yummy juices expressed by your body when experiencing sexual arousal. Lessening our inhibitions, natures “cocktail”, if you will. For the sake of the length of this post. We’ll include all endorphins we express, through sex , psychological and physical pain.
  • Biological Directive – Using your primal instinct is to sow your seed. Nature (your body) isn’t too picky. Not concerned about how effective “each” sowing is. Only that you do it, and often. You, my dear, are but a slave to it. You know it. So do I. 
  • Safety – We flourish when we feel safe.  When we are given a place of safety, a place of no judgement the mind is free to explore all and any pleasures of the body. Free from retribution or judgement it is as powerful an element as the previous two, if not more so! 
Sexual Alchemist

Sexy Particulars

So, some of you are probably more confused than when we started. Others are smirking because you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

Here are some specific particulars that a sexual alchemist can use considering the above elements to train your brain and your body to be and react exactly how I wish.

This list is no where comprehensive and not intended to cover the vastness of sexy “tools” at my disposal. Mistress being a sexual alchemist tinkering and exploring herself. Every day brings a new treat, something new to try.

I’ve gone on too long. There is so much more to cover, and with each individual I may utilize one , all or other particulars to create a fantastic experience for us both! 

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Until we chat ????
Mistress Erika