The idea behind this blog: Your questions about kink fetish and fun was a suggestion by one of my devotee’s. Or as I’m instituting as of now Erika’s Addicts!  Intoxicating and addictive, you’ve described your experience with me, so I’m using it to have a bit of fun! My blog and this offer is for all of those who call me, and others who are a part of my success: my fans.

The purpose of this post and hopefully, subsequent posts, is to create a space outside of session where we can all be adult and discuss everything under the sun! I talk with many people who can’t talk with those around them about their questions about kink fetish or anything sexual. I’m glad I’m here for them!

For years now people have been coming to me with their questions about intimacy, kink and advice in general. Whether it is my personal life or professional people naturally navigate to me for all kinds of advice. Kinda like an advice magnet! Why is that? Let’s take a look!

Advice On Kink Fetish

Have a Kinky or fun question?

Open Minded And Friendly

Some of the first impressions people get from me is how open minded and friendly I am. How comfortable I make them when in my presence , even if connected by the phone.  For years I’ve received comments on how helpful I am, how people feel they can talk with me about anything.

Those of you who may be less initiated to the world of Domination,might take this for “not being Dom like”. But I assure you the, BDSM Dom often touted in unlimited vids across the internet is probably what you are thinking of. The best part, however, is they don’t represent a bountiful bevy of other Strong Feminine options when it comes to a FLR (female led relationship) Mistress or Dominant styles.

How Does that Jive With Phone Domination

You see ,unless it is for erotic purposes, erotic humiliation, and/or “Domination” are tools  for me. A stimulus  to get those juices flowing down that naughty river of humiliation or submission. For me it’s the high of Dominating I’m after.

I’m not a very judgemental person, or try not to be. But sometimes I need to be, to be good at what I do. Some come to me for that judgement.

I don’t generally  engage with “OMG BECKY” type gossip talk. Judgemental, talk.. So need to  switch my view to generally what “society” might say think and do when it comes to your perversion. This ignites your lust, we proceed from there and have a great time!

Conversely, if the reason for the discussion is to better UNDERSTAND or to broaden your human existence then I am IN! I will talk with you until dawn what might be the reason for behaviors or how certain stimuli encourage behaviors, and how behaviors are modified. I find the human experience how diverse and rich it is to be endlessly interesting.

So, I reiterate. There’s no reason to be a demanding strict Dominatrix  unless that’s what is on the menu. What our negotiations entailed, what we agree to play with.

Mistress Erika Outside Of Session

Outside of session many have found me endlessly delightful! (Erika’s Addicts can sound off below, thank you! LOL). Usually quick witted, and I can speak on a wide rage of subjects. So much so I’ve received comments from dozens in my life like “Is there anything you don’t know?” or “You know everything!” Which, of course is their way of a compliment.

I’m the first person to admit I don’t know everything. I just know something  about the subjects I’m interested in and we happen to be talking about! Mmmm, I wonder why we would be “talking about those things” and not others? *winks*

If you want to talk about the internal workings of a combustion engine, or rocket science I’m out! Ha ha!

Do I tend to always take the reigns, on many levels, in my life including the bedroom? Ha! I’ll give you one guess on that, my friend.

Erika What Do You Know And How Do You Know It

Excellent question! Although more than one person have suggested  “I should be a therapist”.  I do not have a list of letters (nor the formal education) behind my name, so legally cannot offer those services! Well, I guess I can PUT SOME Letters there like “SAF” (Sexy As fuck) , or “GOAT”  ( Goddess Of All Things),but that’s not exactly what we are talking about here, humm? Ha ha!

The letters I’m referring to are the ones like Tamara Powell LMHC.  has behind her name. I had the pleasure of meeting her “virtually” recently. She held an online “Dear Mistress” meeting with us, and our fans last week and I personally found it very enlightening! I try to keep my eyes and ears open for opportunities for enlightenment learning about myself or the human condition.

She was taking questions from the chat room She touched on many areas of kink, including how some kinks or fetishes may develop. Much of the talk was familiar to me, and I enjoyed her welcoming and friendly delivery was a delight! We had a lot of fun and even learned a thing or two. Win, Win.

Live And Learn

I enjoyed hearing her give us the detail, or mechanics (or as she would say “nerd out”) regarding a behavior, or subject. I guess I like to “nerd out” as well on stuff like that and appreciated the information, I think others did as well.

I do consider myself a student of human behavior. I can’t remember a time where I didn’t gravitate towards books, articles and even a few classes here and there on the dynamic nature of human behavior. From very serious antisocial personality disorders (APDs)  with J Douglas and his books on profiling, to  soup for the soul encouraging self help. I’ve also practiced some meditation, read up on and studied NLP. I learn just a little something from each one, on a wide variety of areas. With my natural curiosity combined with  “Living”  , “ya have me”.

Wait I’m Not Going Any Where [Relax]

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any ideals of moving towards the Tamara route. I love what I do now! Don’t deny Me my hot JOI , sessions. Or something more kinky like Strap-on or Bi play!  My toy chest is brimming with options, and some of them are on my Kinks Fetish and Fun page. I couldn’t give that up, don’t ask me!

I am considering continuing my education, first for my personal information and growth. Something informal, on line.  Secondly, it just might benefit us both!  Think along the lines of life coach.

But for now I sill am offering my BFT (Best Friend Therapy) or Phone sex Therapy, as many call what we do “here”.  I’ve offered my good advice, sexy and practical, to many over the years. Both here at Enchantrix and in my personal life.

Many have made comments on my “common sense and reasonableness”,  only your Best Friend could give.
Not afraid of telling you like it is, even if a bit painful, and deliver that information in the best way possible.

Many who have taken my advice, still thank me to this DAY! Others, well if they didn’t take my advice and it didn’t turn out so well. I guess it’s Sour grapes for you, baby! *winks*  (teasing)  To each their own and whatever works, n all that. Right? Right!

With all of this said, I also will guide you towards the appropriate folks to best help you when your challenges are above my “pay grade”. No shame in reaching out for help!

With all that patting myself on the back….what do you say? Have a question for Mistress?

Here we go………….

Dear Mistress Your Questions About Kink Fetish and Fun

Today I’m rolling out something I hope you find fun and informative. It’s Dear Mistress Erika. Where you  submit your questions to me, and I’ll feature them here on my blog, and upcoming podcasts.

I don’t care what your question is! From kink questions, Like what’s your favorite way to control cocks,  to help getting that jizz stain out of your shorts. How about “one way you can help delay your own orgasm” To how to weed your lawn, bring it on!

Can I ask Questions about Kink and Fetish and Other Things?

You can definitely ask any questions about Kink and fetishes. General relationship questions, what ever is on your mind I want to know. If you have a question about anything, give me a try!

Now, I don’t claim to “KNOW EVERYTHING” so if you get “too far out there” , then most likely so will I too!  I’ll put you on notice, if wanna hear some good ol’ philly girl “come back”,  Just TRY Me.????????

The purpose behind my  offer is to  open a forum, meant to offer advice and information along with a bit of levity when called for.

There are limits to what I can discuss here. Not all questions will be featured  and I reserve the right to make final judgement. I will always reply to your question if you email or message me via Skype, twitter or Enchantrix Empire. Please give me the name you want me to use, to reference you in a blog or podcast. It can be as simple as “Addict 12” (see what I did there, lol)

I’ve included a couple of questions I’ve handled recently as a sample, listen to it and then: Hit Me With Your Best Shot! What is your question about kink fetish or fun?

Until We Chat ????

Best Friend Therapy With Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika