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Hardcore Degradation Humiliation

Hi there, readers! Discussing Degradation Humiliation today, and here’s why.  A comment from a fan the other day got me thinking. He said I had a sweet personality. Of course, I didn’t disagree! I CAN be a very sweet!  His comment got me thinking about myself in the D/s dynamic, and I thought I’d share my thoughts with you now. I am a sweet soul, but I also have a very demanding,  humiliating side, which is thrilling for me to exercise from time to time!  Some relieve stress by being submissive and humiliated. I relieve my stress by humiliating others! Win win!

I absolutely  LOVE  when you comment on my blog, or send me an email letting me know your thoughts on a subject. Today is no different. What you are about to read is a bit from reality and a bit from my erotic brain.

Degradation Humiliation

You’re worthless

Degradation Humiliation

Certainly degradation involves humiliation. But humiliation doesn’t necessary involve degradation. Some might argue they are one in the same. There is a fine line as I see it. Humiliation when played with in the D/s dynamic involves a set of guidelines for the session, established before it begins. There are acts which are performed to elicit that humiliation response. The person is actively being humiliated for what they are doing, for their behavior. The humiliation stops when the scene stops.

The sub, probably some high powered executive, cleans up, dresses and is back to his typical “male self” in no time! Degradation, involves breaking down the organism, making it less than itself. A demoralized state, a being who is  less than before.
It  is a kind of humiliation which targets who the person is versus the behavior (sucking cock) and can actually be very damaging to a psyche.

Playing with Degradation Humiliation

I take these two types of erotic play very seriously and require a few minutes of getting to know you , one on one before I decide to entertain your humiliation/degradation theme. Discuss what kind of humiliation  you are interested in. Verbal humiliation, and to what extent. Humiliating tasks  involved?  I’m here to play, fuck with your mind a bit , for our mutual amusement.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. If I think what we are doing in session will honestly impact you in such  away that you are unable to recover , I won’t play. Although I find the male gender a challenge at times, and have fanciful fantasies about bringing some of them down a notch or 1700, I honestly and truly don’t want to cause irreversible damage to anyone. (well, anymore). With hardcore ongoing degradation it is quite possible. Here’s a sample of both verbal, physical and task oriented degradation humiliation.

Sample of Degradation

Fuck! “Johnny” what a loser pervert you are! On your knees and your hands behind your back! Not fast enough, whore! *Slap*
I told you what I expected from you and you failed to do it. You know, you really are a worthless troglodyte. Why I even allow you to look upon me, allow you into my space is beyond me! *slap* Look at my feet only!

A stupid , ugly fuck like you should be working EXTRA hard to please a woman like me! Your pathetic limp dick is an offense to all women and I told you to CAGE that mutha fucker by today!  I asked ONE THING , ONE fucking thing from you, moron! You are such a stinking festering smegma pile, you can’t deliver!  I don’t care what your excuse is, not my problem they are out of stock on the tiniest little pp cage! Not my concern you tried 5 places and none have a cage small enough. You are a pathetic freak of nature who only deserves my boot! *taking stiletto heel pressing it into his chest*. Wincing from the sharp pain I push him back hard, so his ass sits on his heals.

All you are good for is a swift kick in the nads! *kick*Judging from your whimpering and tears you are a TOTAL  fucking loser pussy boi!
*slapping* Face, now beg me slut, beg me for more! Say your loser pervert affirmation! “Mistress, I am but a speck of disgusting waste on the ground, ready for you to grind your boot into my soul and treat me like the pathetic slut I am”

Yes the above can be part of a “structured scene” or it can be an ongoing lifestyle which will certainly cause degradation of your self esteem, over the long term.

If you found this post interesting, you are not alone! I’d love to hear your thoughts. So DISH!

Listen to the audio, for a taste of my vile words! Also a tease about fucking loser who popped up on skype begging for Andi and I to humiliate and degrade him ! I’ve played with him before, and ya: Smegma pile! LOL

Until we chat,

Mistress Erika 💋

36 comments to Hardcore Degradation Humiliation

  • Tom

    Misrtess erkia I love hardcore degradation and I can’t til tommorrow when u and misrtess andi make ur WHORE and SLUT wearing my nylons and heels for the 2 misrtess cam session

  • Tom

    I can’t til tommorrow for ur 2 misrtess cam session with u and misrtess andi and beg to get degraded and slapped in the face and called a faggott loser

  • Tom

    How bad are u and misrtess going to degrade me tommorrow for the 2 misrtess cam session? What task will I do to be degraded

    • Erika

      Find out on the session! Submissive’s role is to submit and do as told. Your are NOT entitled (Beyond boundaries established) to any more information than that. Today is the day, TOM!!

  • Mandy

    There is a fine line between humiliation and exhilaration. Mistress Erika has me going out in public dressed all fem. It can be very exhilarating but humiliated at times. I can be very unsure of myself in woman’s short shorts with nylons it can be humiliated at times. Mandy

  • Dickwacker

    Hello everyone I am the fucking looser that Mistress Erika is referring to. I am the one that popped up on her skype. Mistress Andi has ordered me to do a 2 Mistress call with her and Mistress Erika. I consider myself a hard core humiliation and degradation slut, but I am sure that I have met my match with these 2 Mistresses. I have spoken to each of then one on one but now they intend to team up on me. Ever since Mistress Andi ordered that I call them, that is all I have been able to think about. My shaved little dick ( It is shaved because several LDW Mistresses insist I keep it shaved, along with my balls and my asshole) has been jumping all around. I have played repeat after me games with both Mistresses, whereby I am required to admit what a pathetic perverted cum gargling plg that I am and that I love to be used by these sexy ladies. I like when I hear them laughing at me because I have to pay pretty women to watch as I jerkoff in front of them. In order to add to the humiliation I am always required to appear on cam during our calls. I am to be shaved and naked, they order me to do all kinds of humiliating thing to amuse them. I normally have to stick a hair brush up my a$$, and smack my balls while they call me names and ridicule me for being a total pervert. When I am allowed to cum it is in a martini glass, CUMTINI GLASS THAT IS. Please be as fucking mean, degrading, and humiliating as you possibly can. I am here to amuse you and leave you smiling after the call

  • Tom

    I love wearing my black fishnet nylons and my black high heels while u degrade me

  • tftt

    Goddess Erika, This is a hot post. i do have a thing for degradation. You do have a sweet personality but would LOVE to do hardcore degradation humiliation with You. Loved listening to the audio.

    • Erika

      tftt, let the games begin! *LOL* careful what you wish for slut.

      • tftt

        Yes Goddess Erika, Let the games begin. Degradation is perfect for me but i can trust You to do it the right way. I love your phrase careful what you wish for slut. LOL. I am going to chat with You within the next week.

        • Erika

          Tftt, but we’ll have to come up with a different term for you. After all could one be a slut if they’ve never “slutted” ha ha ha

  • Slutsky

    Mistress I loved this. But I’m not really into that. But maybe we can try some public humiliation? I think I could get used to that.

    • Erika


      Not all the kinks I play with will be for you/any one person I play with. No harm , no foul. I’m interested in what makes YOU feel submissive, controlled not two people will always like “the same thing”

  • DJ

    Ms.Erika ,How would you know if you would cause irreversible damage? I agree with you that you don’t want to do that.

    • Erika

      DJ, It is a fine line I walk! Difficult to properly assess on a phone call, I cannot see body language. So Many times I encourage cam for these kinds of sessions. When dealing with degradation humiliation it is more impactful if the person doing the humiliating is a person close to them , of which they value.

      Also having a bit of time outside of the scene to chat and find out more about their kink, how they like to play,why they like it, perhaps even its origin, then what triggers they have and go from there. You’ll be surprised what an intuitive experienced Woman can determine about you in that time. Tone , inflection and a mature working knowledge of your kink helps me understand you better.

  • Pupslave

    I loved the few calls we’ve done before, but now I feel like I might have been cheated. Maybe next time You could remind me how grateful an inferior sissy slut like me is to walk the same world as superior women such as You.

    • Erika

      Cheated? My My, we’ll have to rectify that ASAP. Perhaps it is you , unable to fully communicate your humiliation fetish is what is the point.
      Stop on by inferior slut, you want degradation? You have it fucknut. Let’s go!

  • I think it is the “sweetest” Mistresses who can completely undo and dismantle a man because they let their guard down when we first get to know them–and then we gut them like the bitch they are once we find out who they really are. They’re left standing by, wondering what in hell happened to them!

  • You made a good point in the difference between humiliation and degredation. A sub can be humiliated without completely being stripped of total dignity. Sometimes, callers think because we seem to be nice people that we may not be capable of reducing them to tears. It takes an intelligent woman to bring a wimp to his knees without raising her voice or cursing.

    • Erika

      Hi Ms Lena! Thanks for stopping by my space in cyberspace! I agree! So does Ms Piper, tee hee, we’d be fucking hell on wheels on a 3 M call!
      But these lily-livered sluts wouldn’t DARRRRRRRRRRE

  • Slutsky

    Mistress Erika my LOVELY owner. You know that I’m ALWAYS up for a challenge!! Maybe?

    • Erika

      pet you are doing so well. Look not all the kinks I play with will be YOUR thing. It’s OK not to want to engage in the above. It’s why I like all of my pretty snowflake pervies. No two the same and everyone special in their own right.

  • Wow this is really intense Mistress Erika. I had always thought humiliation and degradation were the same. This definitely tells me it’s not. Degradation sounds like more of a emotional and mental experience than just a physical one. Definitely a be careful what you wish for lol

    • Erika

      Stephanie, it is why I do what I do. Have fun and help take a better look at the dynamics of a particular fetsish/kink / scene. So much misconception. THanks for stopping by Steph!

  • princess

    I do so NEED this type of humiliation! Wonderful post Mistress…Please break me!

  • Sissy steve

    THANK YOU, for a wonderful call. I love hardcore degradation humiliation. I love being dismantle and mindfuck. I can not wait for the next ” therapy” session!! I love a beautiful intelligent dominant woman taking control of my life. Thank you

  • David Smith

    Very interesting post. I think degredation requires the degrader to get the degradee to assume a role in thought or act that the degradee finds shameful and to convince the degradee that each participant deserves their role. The degradee belives the treatment is appropriate for him and the degrader has the right to demand such acts.

    • Erika

      Hey there David Smith!

      I do not disagree. Humiliation and degradation are interesting subjects for me. Particularly in the forum of which I play, and how those kinds of scenes play out. Humiliation is best served when one has those existing roles as you mention, and close bonds which greatly enhances the humiliation.

      In this forum it’s a bit trickier, thus making it more interesting! I’ve found: many of those with whom I play place me in that role, and them in theirs as their sexual arousal increases. The sexual arousal creating tension between their “selves” and at that tipping point. Where their brain and body demand stress relief, they find it easier almost automatic to feel “In their role” as they connect with me!

      I subscribe to the adage: You cannot hurt my feelings without my permission. Therefore, for someone to hand that power to me, to assume their role and are able to submit their body and mind to my treatment is amazing to me and quite thrilling.

      Great comment, thanks for that!

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