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Intelligent Phone Fantasy

It struck me just now, I’ve never done a blog on my blog! So today we  are going to explore Intelligent Phone Fantasy, what I do, my objectives and ideas for this fantastic medium I’ve been afforded. Yes, perhaps a bit more of the woman behind the scenes, as well. So buckle up, butter cup, let’s go on a ride! A Mistress Erika ride, the best kind! (insert hysterical laughing)

Intelligent Phone Fantasy

Intelligent Phone Fantasy

Mistress Erika Of Intelligent Phone Fantasy

Those three words say a lot. They are also perfect for describing what I do, and in the process, a bit of who I am.

Intelligent: One of my most frequent compliments from everyone who knows me is, how many smarts I got! Some of ‘them’ from a formal education, some from living life and playing the cards I was dealt the best I could. But mostly, because I’m a curious person. Not a day goes by that I don’t observe something and I don’t say “I wonder…  how/what/where/when.” I’m  most curious about behavior, how our minds work.  Learning and appreciating the special nuances of your fantasy, teasing and pushing your limits, is what I’m here for.

Phone: Well, that’s kind of misnomer of how we connect, eh? Sure, most of what I do is conducted over a telephone. True, too, is that I connect with you via sexy texting on Skype and yahoo messenger. Email too, is a great way for you to introduce yourself, tell me a bit about you and schedule and appointment.

Fantasy: I explore with you, your thoughts,  fantasies, and even your actual naughty endeavors! Sometimes through sexy role playing, or what I call BFF therapy.  I’m often asked for my opinion on your personal exploration of many things. Cuckolding is one. Helping you to examine what you are actually wanting, how far you think you want it to go,  and if furthering this lifestyle is in the cards for you and your partner. Ya gotta have two yes’s. Or hide your bi-sexual thoughts and tendencies throughout your life. You struggle and want to talk with someone who is compassionate and knowledgeable of such things hearing thousands of different stories, thousands of intriguing tales.

Exploring Phone Fantasy

What will you find when you explore my blog? Perhaps you will find a bit of my naughty history, my past and current sexy thoughts, and combining it with my connections with you. I hope you find my posts entertaining and informative.  Taking a sometimes tongue in cheek look at the human condition, focusing on sexuality, or what I also like to call: A naughty look at what makes us go Oooh!

Life is too short not to have fun.  Let’s have some today.

Mistress Erika

8 comments to Intelligent Phone Fantasy

  • Petey cream puff

    For me fantasy is reality. At my age (47) most women are married with kids/family. I’m thankful I have masseuse who’s nonjudgmental about my cross dressing as she accepting of this and has taken pictures of me in lipstick/dressed/madeup along with having me try on dresses/measuring/fitting me in bra/spraying me in perfumes/lotions for my massages. Only negative is she’s married and has controlled what I spend as our planned shopping trip won’t happen as she said I have enough women’s clothes. You & the other mistresses are my only outlet in feminization. I want to have my masseuse take more control of my feminization but don’t know how to go about it. I feel I need to be open/honest with her. I want to meet women who are into this but feel most aren’t. I’m thinking I need to be the strong guy and accidentally let them turn me into their cream puff girl. Otherwise just come out if clisey like I did with my masseuse and follow her advice and accept who I am and become and not worry or care what others think.

  • Erika

    That last line says it all, petey creamy!

  • Miss Erika, Intelligent Phone Fantasy is the perfect title for your blog as you have so much insight to share with your pets and colleagues. For me, Naughty Phone Sex Chat pretty much says it all as my raging sex drive takes everything fun, sexy and oh so naughty!

    • Erika

      Hey Ms Cindy! Thanks for stopping by. You are so naughty and fun on calls! Your raging sex drive serves you well. Can’t wait until we are on the phone again tormenting some delightful submissive!

  • Petey cream puff

    Your right Ms Erika. I’ve been dressing for 20 years and I feel so much better when I do especially now that I have real women who’s supportive of this. She bought me perfume for my birthday/has me using same facial lotions she uses/along with myself smelling like cherry blossom after each massage as well taking pictures of me dressed/fitting/measuring me in bra/makeup/lipstick. She’s right as well in not fighting this anymore and to accept who I am and become which is her cream puff girl. Once you meet women you are putty in their hand ands it’s happening to me. I’m also glad that you along with the other mistresses have dressed/turned/lipstick kissed/turned and have me as your chastity cream puff girl. Looking forward to more calls with all of you feminizing me.

  • tiny tim

    Mistress Erika, You are definitely all three of Intelligent Phone Fantasy. Submissives do need their limits pushed. Just by talking to you I can tell you smart because you remember things that i said to you in our first chat.

    • Erika

      Oh tiny tim, tiny tiny thank you little one. But intelligence is much more than mere regurgitation of information, humm? I would be embarrassed if I had to recall all the details of all of my calls. However when I feel your energy when our connection deepens I am able to take us to places you dream of, and places yet to be dreamed of

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