Hello dear readers!  Some of you want to know how to be a good sissy. Today we will explore sissy Tatiana’s journey. Since this month we are highlighting Feminization and our very own Sissy School, it’s the perfect time to do so.

In the Enchantrix orbit, we have a plethora of sissies to play with! But what is a good sissy, and what does it look like to be a good sissy? Today we have a treat for you!. Ms. Becky and I play with one particular sissy, together! Tatiana Shlyukha. That wasn’t always Tatiana’s name. But her old name was fitting when I became acquainted with this slut, I first called her Lacey, for her penchant for soft lacy things. But like many a sissy, her evolution demanded another name. Lacey is so sweet and fem, and as Lacey’s inner slut grew it just didn’t fit. So today her name, which means Fairy queen, and slut is way more fitting. She’s actually written for my blog before. Read Transforming Sissy Lacy. But not yet, right now let’s take a look at a few things Tati has shared about her experience as a sissy, and has some advice for you.

This article is intended for those trying to be a good sissy for their Mistress

Sissy Tatiana has been on her sissification journey for some time now, I can attest to the change and growth of Tatiana as a sissy. She, like many, has tried to purge, pretend their inner girl wasn’t there just begging to express herself.  It doesn’t work or doesn’t work for long. The only thing there is to do is manage your desires. Set firm boundaries for play.

From Male To Gal

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Be a good Sissy

The following comments from Tatiana come from a place of experience and years of training. You see you don’t always transform the outside, to make significant changes to the inside. From comportment to demeanor. Although I adore Tatiani referring to herself as being a “man” at one point. The reality is she never really was a real man. Male, perhaps, but not a man.  Real men desire to remove pretty panties and bras, sissy gurls see the curves and pretty things and desire to put them on.

In my journey and constant modification from a “man” to a sissy girl, the learning doesn’t stop and the curve may be steep for some such as myself. Every day I’m reminded by those who I serve, Mistress Erika and Mistress Becky, that while my appearance of being male is seen by others at face value, it doesn’t change the fact that I do not hold any qualities of one behind the persona. In this never-ending training I have learned and continue to learn what it takes to please Mistress.

Sissy Is Forever

Tatiana has become very thoughtful, and she now knows her sissy is forever. Even if you are not always cross-dressing or acting out your greatest sexual urges. It’s true, what she says. Many with feminine desires cannot do so freely. It’s one of the best things about being a Sissy Mistress. Providing that safe place to explore your sissy style and molding that sissy mind. Gone are the worrisome responsibilities of your male self and focus on your sissy style as Tatiana explains.

Physical appearance. While I, like some others I would assume, cannot necessarily cross-dress freely or wear anything that speaks my true identity as a sissy, it is not to be forgotten that my desire and pics should be shared. Which pair of heels would I wear with a cute skirt? Which bag would I wear with my outfit? Which shade of lipgloss would match my top? The list goes on—these thoughts should be constantly shared with your Mistress to ensure she understands you are thinking like a girl despite not looking like one.

Sissy Cum Eating

The biggest change to Tatiana’s journey is cum eating and extreme denial. After all, the sweet sting of humiliation excites sissy Tatiana and what better way to demonstrate our Control?  To further your submission, you must give up control of your masturbation, and your orgasms. It’s important to note, here that Tatiana isn’t a sissy who wants to attract males. She is what we refer to as a lesbian sissy. She feels like a woman and wants to have intimacy with another woman. So her cum eating isn’t part of a progression to serve cock, her cum eating is a demonstration of her submission.
Cumming…and eating it. This is important and something I’m still learning. Your Mistress will eventually take away your cumming privileges whether that means on how you do it or how frequent—it’s something you will lose the freedom to. Furthermore, if she orders it and allows your release she may and/or most certainly demand cleaning up after yourself. Some may let you drink it with your coffee/smoothie, some may want you to shoot it directly into your mouth, others may want you to lick and suck it off a banana. Point is, if you released it then you’ll have to ingest it. This takes time to learn, but eventually, you’ll marry the cumming and eating to happen in tandem and your Mistress will be pleased with your obedience.
I am so very proud of Tatiana, a few years ago her thoughts wouldn’t have been so submissive, so fem. But her journey, (like yours) is never done. Tatiana has other thoughts about her sissy journey and sissy lessons she has learned. It is also a lot of fun when two Mistress Team turn their eyes on you. Training and sissification is fun, with one,but so much more with MORE!

Check out Ms Becky’s blog Intelligentphonesexcalls.com and her words about Tatiana coming up soon.