Tease and denial is a total rush, for you and for me. Hormones flowing, heart racing that Oh-so-hard cock throbbing, wanting, needing, begging for release. Few things in this world are sweeter, my pet. Have you ever played with tease and denial? Trick question: Sure you have,  particularly if you are a guy. *winks*.

Tease and denial

Tease you, leave you dripping

Cock Tease

Teasing you is delicious, and hearing you enjoying that tease is the best part. I’ve talked before about how I like my pets to behave. How I love to hear your moans of pleasure as I control My cock! I’m delighted over your pleas, guttural and panting noises. How the tempo and intensity ebbs and flows, how your mind and body submits to my every whim.

How will our tease and denial session go?  That remains to be seen. Getting to know you, your predilections hot buttons comes first. It can be a three minute conversation to thirty, that’s up to you. But then, you give me the reigns.

Then I tailor an erotic cock tease session with you in mind. So to answer a common question: How do I…..?
I don’t have a cookie cutter mindset and allow the energy between us dictate the road we’ll travel. Plus not knowing is half the fun!


Now for the challenging part of our play of tease and denial, we move to….. Denial. Except for a few situations, denial doesn’t mean “never”, necessarily. You are denied until I am good and ready to grant you release.
You’ll have release , eventually.
In the meantime, I’ll have a lot of fun. You’ll learn more about yourself, and you just might find yourself on an erotic high you don’t ever want to stop! What a concept, hey fellas? Teased and denied release for a length of time, leaving you in an almost perpetual high. The hormones, denial, the MF of  it all lead you to a point where you just might say “No Mistress, I don’t want to orgasm” when I tell you to cum. Could you Imagine? I can , and have! *gleam in eye*

I hear most of you out there laughing, and saying “No Ma’m, no thank you” and what I say in response is : you only live once, what’s the harm in trying?
I know, you’re scared. Humm? You just might like that tease so much……. you’ll be addicted and deny yourself?
*laughs* Oh boy, that’s a complete MF isn’t it guys?
It’s getting me all hot and bothered just talkin’ about it!

Tease and Denial

But regardless of our play be it for days, weeks or just a ten minute session I will tease you. I will deny you. I’ll  have you moaning and pleading for more! You’ll love being teased, denied,breathless and dripping for me. That’s right, dripping. I will taunt and tease you until My cock weeps  for more. ????

You want that don’t you.

Until we chat,????

Denial Mistress Erika