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Masturbation At Work For Mistress

Let’s not split hairs. You’ve masturbated at work. Some of you don’t lie-I’ve been there! A smaller percentage of you have wanted to, but for lack of opportunity and privacy, haven’t. So naturally the conversation, comes around to me at times. It seems inquiring minds want to know.  Does Phone Femdom ever masturbate at . . . → Read More: Masturbation At Work For Mistress

Hot Cock Stroking For Mistress

I’m having so much hot summer fun with so much cock stroking!  Masturbation instructions or JOI for those who like tasks is a fun way to pass the long hot summer day! Check out my Stroker Rewards page for more information how we can play! Meantime let’s talk about cock stroking!

1-800-601-6975 Stroke . . . → Read More: Hot Cock Stroking For Mistress

Erotic Masturbation Confessions

Hey there and thank you for riding the 17th car on our Masturbation May Blog Train: Erotic Masturbation Confessions! Yesterday, the 16th car on our train contained Masturbation Addiction Therapy by Ms Christine! Earlier in the month I had a fun post regarding masturbation habits. Hot Masturbation Habits I encouraged you to . . . → Read More: Erotic Masturbation Confessions

Controlling Your Cock, Addicted Masturbator

I thought it would be fitting, this month of May, to talk about a segment of our population who take the term Addicted Masturbator to a whole new level.  How do you know if you are an addicted masturbator? Not sure how I can help by controlling your cock? Then I am . . . → Read More: Controlling Your Cock, Addicted Masturbator

Hot Masturbation Habits

Hi there and welcome to my car on this blog train! Check out Ms. Rachels hot post on Masturbation Addicted Stroker, Let The Sap Rise!.  My car on this blog train is about hot masturbation habits! I guess you can say masturbation is my life. A bit of tongue in cheek but . . . → Read More: Hot Masturbation Habits